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  • 3 Piece Check: Confirm information at each process and verify Retention Part matches or is identifiable to the Inspection that has been completed. Verify Team Leader or above have signed off. Note any concerns.

  • Countermeasure Audits: Confirm they are completed and working effectively. Note any concerns.

  • Yellow Baskets: Quantities in Basket must match quantities recorded in Repair Tracking Sheet. No mixing of Models are allowed. NOTE: All baskets must be cleaned out at the end of each shift.

  • Weld Wire Logs: Confirm Weld Wire Log recorded information matches the Wire Spool Tag. Confirm the information on the Weld Wire MRO Slip is completed entirely and correctly.

  • Traceability Logs: Ensure information is accurate and up-to-date.

  • Operation Standards: Confirm the latest revision is Line-side and depicts the actual process being performed. Confirm Weekly Operation Review is being conducted.

  • Preventative Maintenance (P/M) Checks: Confirm that all P/M's are completed and signed off by Team Leader or above.

  • Product Identification: Confirm ALL parts identifiable and the Product Status is known and displayed. Report all Unidentified Product to Production Management immediately for disposition.

  • Nonconforming Product: All Nonconforming or Suspect Product is to be identified, labeled and stored per the Plant-Wide Work Instruction. Any product not found to be adherent to this is to be reported to Production Management immediately for disposition.

  • Gage Control: Confirm all Gages and/or Inspection Fixtures are present and in proper working condition. This inspection also includes verifying the Weekly Gage Report to whether the Gages/ Inspection Fixtures are due for calibration.

  • Master Part Control: Ensure Master Parts are stored properly and in good condition prior to usage. Verify Inspection is set-up correctly by confirming that the Master Part Readings match the inspection data output.

  • Certified Inspectors: Verify that the Certified Inspector does not have an expired certification and that they are working in a location identified on their badge.

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