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Client Questions

  • Did the overall process and experience meet your expectations? Why or why not?

  • Did the quality of the work meet your expectations? Why or why not?

  • Were there any unanticipated obstacles? If so, were they handled satisfactorily?

  • How do you feel the project workflow went and why?

  • What went well and why?

  • What could be improved and why?

  • Are there updates, changes, or revisions planned for the future?

  • Can K&D Services use this project in its portfolio and other marketing and promotional materials?

  • Would you be willing to offer a testimonial based on your experience working with K&D Services on this project?

Administrative Use Only

  • Are any corrective actions to be taken? If so, detail them here.

  • Have final documentation and project files been sent to the client?

  • Has a referral packet been sent and the client briefed on its use?

  • Has a thank-you letter been sent?


  • Reviewed and approved by (Designer):

  • Reviewed and approved by (Client), if needed:

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