Previous Inspection:

  • Has the previous inspection been reviewed?<br>What was the previous inspection % score? (Enter in comments box)

  • Were all outstanding actions from previous review resolved?

Washroom Check: includes easy access:

  • Urinals clean including pipe work?

  • Is there evidence of Whiffaway been used?

  • Is the baby changing unit clean?

  • Are all toilets De scaled and clean?

  • Are cubicle door backs free of dust?

  • Are all loo brushes clean including holders?

  • Are wall tiles clean and shiny?

  • Are the wall tiles surrounding the hand dryers clean?

  • Are the DYSON hand dryers clean?

  • Are loo rolls and soaps replenished according to days trade?

  • Are the skirtings clean?

  • Are all ledges and window sills clean and free of dust?

  • Have the bins been emptied? (Should not be over 50% full)

  • Are the mirrors and pictures clean and streak free?

  • Are all chrome fittings (taps/air fresheners/sanitary bin tops/soap holders/hand dryers) clean and streak free?

  • Is the floor clean and free of litter/ has the floor been mopped?

Any other information regarding washroom standards?

Onstage Bar/Restaurant check:

  • Are the skirtings clean?

  • Are the extracts free of dust?

  • Are the mirrors and pictures clean and streak free?

  • Are all light fittings clean and free of dust including shades?

  • Are the gaming machines clean?

  • Are the floors clean and free of debris?

  • Have high level cob webs been removed recently?

  • Are all ledges/ window sills and shelves clean and free of dust?

  • Is the bar front clean?

  • Are the fire extinguishers clean?

  • Is the internal door glass free of push mark hand prints?

  • Are the step nosings clean?

Any other information regarding onstage standards?

Cleaning cupboard check:

  • Is the cleaning cupboard tidy?

  • Are instruction sheets available and visible ( Whiffaway/ dyson/ mop colour codes)

  • Is the cleaning schedule on wall and visible?

  • Is the review clipboard pinned to wall and visible?


  • Does the cleaner have a uniform?

  • Is the uniform worn on shift?

Additional info:

  • Additional Info:

Cleaning Materials Required

  • Please order:

Sign Off:

  • Sign Off:

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