• What is the ID (number listed on side) for forklift?

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  • Inspection Items to be done daily. Check off all items that are functioning correctly.

  • Are forks in good condition? (not bent or cracked)

  • Tires and wheels in good condition?

  • Is parking brake holding properly?<br>

  • Fire Extinguisher located on forklift?

  • Is attachments is in good working condition?

  • Clutch & gearshift moves smoothly?

  • Hoses free of kinks?

  • Are dash lights and gauges operational?

  • Does steering wheel move smoothly?

  • Does forks raise and lower without any issues?

  • Does tilt mechanism move without difficulty?

  • Are cylinders and hoses leaking?

  • Are all lights working?

  • If any of the above inspection items are not in a satisfactory condition, indicate in box below what the deficiencies are and immediately report them to your supervisor.

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  • Is propane tank secure?

  • Is propane brackets working properly?


  • Is battery leaking?

  • Is motor and battery cover intact and working properly?

  • Is battery disconnect working properly?

  • Is battery charged?

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