QC Manager final inspection of assembled racks prior to shipping.

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Audit rack assembly

  • What is the shelf number and building?

  • Is panduit installed correctly?

  • Has CAT 5 been run through the panduits and secured? On top, CAT 5 must be 48 inches, and from zip ties, length should be 18 inches. On bottom shelf, from zip tie cable should be 15 inches)

  • Are holes punched into shelf at correct distance?

  • Do plugs pass tester?

  • Are the trees properly installed and terminated?

  • Is Rack number present and visible?

  • What is the Rack number?

  • Are shelves spaced correctly (22" for top two and 10 5/8" for bottom)?

  • Are all connectors properly tightened (EMT and Pigtail Plugs)?

  • Are box covers properly installed and include circuit number?

  • What are the circuit numbers?

  • Does rack or shelves have any physical damage , paint chipping or blotchiness, or other physical defects?

  • Are whips tied off after testing plugs?

  • Is rack ready to be shrink wrapped?


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