• Plant Truck

  • Rego

  • Kilometers

  • Truck Hours

  • Aux Eng Hours

  • Service Cycle

The following items are a minimum requirement

  • Operation and maintenance manual inluded

  • ESTOPS fitted (only for secondary motors)

  • Fire extinguisher fitted and charged

  • Reverse alarm operational

  • Spill kit

  • First aid kit

  • Flashing light operational

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Drivers Side

  • Relay Box

  • Fuses

  • Electrical harness


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Sucker control box

  • Condition of switches

  • Emergency pump

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  • UHF

  • A/C

  • Camera

  • Electrical

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Passenger Side

  • Relays under dash

  • Battery Condition and covers


  • Relays

  • Sucker bin Vibrator

  • Rev control box and boom/up control

  • Hose condition

  • Boot condition

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  • Check Pump Oil

  • Change Pump Oil (6,12 month only)

  • Pressure valve

  • Motor Seal

  • Water filters on sucker body checked and cleaned or replaced

  • PSI Gauge

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Second Engine and Body

  • Relay Box

  • Starter Motor Wiring

  • Belts

  • Engine Oil checked

  • Engine Oil and filter replaced (6,12 months only if applicable)

  • Check and report on engine leaks

  • Fuel filters replaced (6,12 months only if applicable)

  • Hydraulic oil level checked

  • Hydraulic oil and filter replaced (6,12 months if applicable)

  • Check and record coolant Glycol level (%)

  • Ball Valves

  • Hose clamps checked

  • Grease rear body pivot pins and check for wear

  • Grease body boom and check for leaks

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Certification by responsible person

  • I certify that the described plant has been inspected on the above and it is fit for service.

  • Responsibile person

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