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HSEQ Audit & Inspection - Musanada Sites


  • Is the HVAC system visually inspected routinely to make sure all the systems are working well? if yes what is date of last inspection

  • Is the equipment body free from rust?

  • Is the accumulate dust and debris regularly clean to ensure there‚Äôs no corrosive damage to the internal systems?

  • Is the condensate drain of air conditioner and heat pump free of all clogs and debris?

  • Is the filter inspected, cleaned and replaced regularly?

  • Is the actual temperature and the temperature on the thermostat matches? Is the thermostat Checked & calibrated

  • Is Temperature monitor inside data center and no water leakage observed ?

  • Are the wires not damaged ?

  • Are all rotating parts properly lubricated?

  • Is the Chiller pipe properly insulated and not damaged?

  • Is the motors Cleaned & inspected

  • Is the belts and pulleys regularly inspected & adjusted?

  • Is the exhaust outlets not clogged? Free of any signs of corrosion, leaks, and back draft?

  • Is the fuel lines that supply gas to furnace inspected regularly?

  • Is the Compressor having enough refrigerant in it to cool the air efficiently?

  • Is the Relays & Contactors Inspected & cleaned?

  • Is the Controls & Safeties (Chiller Safety Controls capacity controls, refrigerant flow controls and other mechanical controls) inspected & tested?

  • Is the equipment free of any abnormal sound ?

  • Is the Grilles, diffusers, and ducts (inside building) properly fixed ?


  • Is Lock and tag out ( LOTO) equipment implemented during maintenance work?

  • Are all mounting and flange bolts properly fixed to ensure proper torque?

  • Is the equipment check from base for soundness?

  • Is the equipment free of any mechanical seal leaks?

  • Is the condition of oil and grease seals check?

DB ( On the Roof )

  • Is the exterior of panel board clean and not rusty? Is enclosures such as handles, doors, and windows functioning properly? Is the parts used for installing panel boards and enclosures such as ducts, bases, stands, and wall/pole fixings adequately fixed?

  • Is the interior of panel clean and all parts such as boards such as rails, mounting plates, equipment fittings, input-output line supports, protection board supports, separators, and bar holders properly maintained?

  • Is the parts used for panel board wiring and wiring support such as secondary feed sets, wiring ducts, and slit tubes fixed properly ? Is the parts used for high-voltage power receiving equipment (cubicle) such as ground bar holders, high pressure insulators, and high pressure cleats?

PLANT ROOM (Air handlers, Chillers, Heat exchangers, Water heaters and tanks, Water pumps , Main distribution piping and valves, Sprinkler distribution piping and pumps, Back-up electrical generators, Elevator machinery )

  • Is the room properly maintained ? Free of any storage ? Good ventilation ?

  • Is the electrical & electronic equipment , Servers, BMS , IT Data Center, Telecommunications Rooms properly maintained including available assets? Is fire detection device installed ?


  • Is the alarm system showing healthy and not indicating maintenance?

  • Are the fire alarm call points, smoke detector, and heat & gas detector installed and operating properly?


  • Are all Fire extinguishers in good condition (placed, unobstructed, no visual damage. Gauge up to pressure, pull-in & seal in place, periodical maintenance record available)

  • Are fire blankets provided near to open cooking appliances?

  • Is the water based fire protection system ( standpipe system , Automatic sprinkler system , Water spray system , Water Mist system , Fire hydrant and Foam system ) installed and operating properly ?

  • Is Gas and Chemical based fire protection system installed?


  • Is the room temperature adequate ?

  • Is the Diesel Engines clean, dry and running smoothly ?

  • Is the fuel level adequate ? Are valves in the fuel supply lines locked ? Are Battery Charger and Batteries operating properly ?

  • Are all pump controller in automatic start mode ?


  • Are fire instruction notices on display on each floor?

  • Are all emergency lighting units working properly?

  • Are all signs in good condition and placed appropriately?


  • Are escape routes free from obstruction?

  • Are all fire doors operational?

  • Are fire assembly points clearly indicated by signs


  • Are all fuse boxes, electrical cupboards, etc closed at all times and accessible?

  • Are electrical cupboards and switch rooms properly signed with danger signs?

  • Is electrical wiring free from damage?

  • Is the electrical switchgear cabinet kept clear of combustibles?


  • Are Guardrails on the ramps in proper height for special need people use ?

  • Can emergency services gain access to the building?

  • Are the Assembly areas free for vehicles or others obstructions


  • Is the flooring in good condition?

  • Are all stairs fitted with handrails?

  • Do stairs have anti-slip grip treads or are they painted and in good condition?


  • Is there access for determined persons to the building?

  • Are all access and egress routes adequately lit?

  • Are electronically operated doors functioning properly?

  • Is Covid-19 precautionary measures implemented ?


  • Are Bookcases, shelves, cabinets, etc stacked safely?

  • Is the Work areas are clean and free of excess debris?

  • Is the FM Store maintained properly ?

  • HSE Documents / files available at site ( Hard copy )

  • Are combustible and flammable materials properly stocked to prevent fire hazards?


  • Are chemicals and liquids stored properly using COSHH guidelines?

  • Are all containers labelled as to content?

  • Is COSHH Card / SDS of chemicals available ?


  • Is there a first aid kit on each floor/area of the building? Are all first aid kits properly stocked with names of first aiders?


  • Are welfare facilities ( Toilet , Drinking water , rest & eating areas , etc ) adequate ?


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