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  • Document No.

  • Audit Title

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

Site Access

  • Access is clean, level ground

  • Adequate stairs and Ramps


  • Clear walkways

  • Clear office or work area

  • Clean common area

  • Clear emergency exit staircase

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Foot protection

  • Hands protection

  • Head protection

  • Eye protection

  • Hearing protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Safety harness / Safety belt


  • Secured

  • Proper size and type

  • Safe / usable condition

  • Non slip bases

  • Proper handrails and landing


  • Properly erected (all parts used)

  • Properly secured

  • Properly planked

  • Proper guard rails and toe board

  • Proper ladder access to platform

Power tools & Equipments

  • General condition

  • Proper guards, cords & PPE

  • Equipments and Machines PAT Tested

  • Tagging or labelled as defective

  • Other

Emergency Exit Staircase & Door

  • Adequate lighting on staircase

  • No crack and damage to stircse

  • Proper handrail and guards

  • Emergency exit Door is accessible (not locked or obstructed)


  • 3rd party certificate valid

  • Operators are trained with valid certificate

  • Is cradle check list filled

  • Are all slings ok?

  • Are all operators using PPE

Gas Cylinders

  • Properly located and secured

  • Properly moved and lifted

  • Properly stored

First Aid Kit

  • First aid kit available

  • First aider available

  • Adequate contents inside first aid kit

Health Club

  • Main pool clean, water temperature at 28/ 29 degrees, chlorine & Ph in acceptable level

  • Pool heater working, circulation and standby pump working

  • Pool deck clean, chairs in good condition, warning signs in place, pool internal and external light working

Material Storage room

  • Properly located

  • Safely piled, stacked , bundled or organized

  • Properly moved or lifted

  • Store room locked or authorized access only

  • Heavy items stored below

  • Chemicals stored as per COSHH standards

  • Properly labelled


  • Assembly points

  • Site HSE board

  • Emergency phone list

  • Warning signs at site

Workers education & uniform

  • HSE Induction training

  • How to report hazards and injuries (interview)

  • Personal health and safety responsibilities (interview)

  • Employees wearing appropriate uniform

  • Weekly toolbox talk

Hygiene and welfare facilities

  • Washroom facilities Available

  • Cleanliness of facilities

  • Drinking water available

Fire protection

  • Emergency response Fire warden/ Fire Fighter available

  • Fire extinguishers present where required

  • Fully charged serviced and inspected

  • Fire alarm panel without faults


  • Emergency response drill conducted

  • Annual fire drill conducted

Diesel / Fuel on site

  • Diesel/Fuel safely stored at site under proper temperature and labelling

  • Appropriate Diesel level in Fire and Generator pump rooms etc


  • HSEQ Officer

  • Site Incharge

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