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Engine Control Room

  • Are working areas clearly differentiated from safe areas on the deck?

  • Are safety deck markings easily visible?

  • Are there signs indicating the minimum PPE requirements for the back deck?

  • If people are on the streamer deck is correct PPE being worn?

  • Is the work area clean and tidy?

  • Is waste segregation being done correctly?

  • Is emergency lighting available?

  • Are emergency exits clear and exits clearly signed?

  • Has equipment been securely stowed?

  • Have exposed trip hazards been highlighted?

  • Are pad-eyes all signed with their Safe Working Loads [SWL] and identification number?

  • Are hydraulic controls marked with direction of travel? [fwd / aft]

  • Is the Emergency Hydraulic Stop button clearly marked?

  • Are the winch alarms which indicate rotating equipment all working?

  • Are there areas where a permit would be needed for Working at Height?

  • Is there Working at Height protection in position at all these workplaces?

  • Is there signage indicating Working at Height hazard?

  • Are there more than one rows of safety chains [recommended minimum two] and are they secure?

  • Is waste being disposed of correctly?

Safety & Emergency Equipment

  • Are fire extinguishers clearly marked?

  • Did the fire extinguishers undergo an inspection last month?

  • Do all the fire extinguishers indicate full pressure on the gauge if gauge fitted?

  • Are the MOB Buttons clearly marked?

  • Do life buoys have ships name and port of registry on it?

  • Are life buoys positioned in a way so they are unsecured for quick deployment?

  • If SOPEP equipment is located on the streamer deck, do the contents seem adequate?

  • Are fire mains unobstructed?

  • Do the fire hoses each have a nozzle and fittings /tools?

  • Are weekly inspection of eye wash and first aid kits carried out? <br>

Battery Sore [if applicable]

  • Are all batteries securely stowed?

  • Is there a type "D" Fire extinguisher outside the door?

  • Is the MSDS available?

  • Is there lithium battery protection equipment available?

  • Are new and used batteries segregated?

Other Observations

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End of inspection

  • All observations were discuses and agreed by all team members.

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