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Health, Environmental Protection, Safety and Quality Management System

  • Is the Fleet Manual version 2013 known to the crew and followed accordingly?<br>Is it known which version is the controlled version and which are the non controlled version?

  • Are the effective statutory certificates and survey records available on board?

  • Is the class certificate properly endorsed?

  • Are classification survey records maintained properly?

  • Is the vessel manned in compliance with the safe manning document?

  • Does each Master and Officers hold an appropriate certificates in accordance with STCW ( or dispensation)?

  • Are the nautical charts and Notice to Mariners controlled properly? (ISM Code / 7)

  • Are records kept as per Company Procedures?

Human Resources

  • If apprentices/ cadets on board: are training record books available, kept, and signed by the Master?

  • Is the Drug- and Alcohol Abuse Policy known to everybody and is the "limit" clearly understood?

  • Is the procedure about Change of Command clearly understood? (Hand over the watch/ Handing over of Functions)

  • Are SOLAS Training Manual and Fire Operational Booklet available in the common living spaces? Are the ship specific chapters filled out?

  • Are the regulations regarding working and resting times for seamen clearly understood and are records kept accordingly and true? (Comparison with Log Books/ Bell Book)

  • Is the company's general approach regarding Safety at Work understood by all crew? ( - everybody is himself responsible at first place for his own safety)

Infrastructure and Work Environment

  • Procedure about entering tanks and other confined spaces

  • Procedure about Hot Work

  • Preparation for an emergency (Material Safety Data Sheets available at Chemical- and Paint Store)

  • Regular checking on gangways and accommodation ladders

  • Maintenance of Ship, Engine and Equipment

  • Is the procedure about Risk Assessments known? Are Risk Assessments carried out?

  • Are newly assigned crew members properly familiarised?<br>Is a Safety Familiarisation carried out for all on-signing crew?<br>Are the specific familiarization carried out for nautical/ technical officers?

Service Provisions

  • Are Standing Orders/ Night Orders being issued, properly signed and controlled?

  • Are checklists available and followed for the preparation for arrival and for departure? Are the officers aware of Go-/ NoGo Situations?

  • Is voyage planning carried out in accordance with the procedure, containing all necessary data, from berth to berth?

  • Are the nautical officers aware about the procedure for navigation in restricted waters?

  • Are the nautical officers aware about the procedure for navigating in heavy weather?

  • Are procedures in regard to Loading and Discharging Operations available and understood?

  • Are procedures in place in regard to treatment and supervision of cargo?

  • Are Master, Cargo Officer and deck Officers aware about the procedure regarding the carriage of Dangerous Cargo?

  • Is everybody aware about the procedure regarding Environmental Protection? (MARPOL)

  • Is the BWMP available and is Ballast Water Management Plan being carried out?

  • Is the Shipboard Working Arrangements clear, up to date, and in compliance with work/ rest time calculations?

  • Are Officers aware and are procedures in place in regard to marking with inspection and test results?

  • Is a Bunkering Procedure in place and is it being rigurously followed?<br>Is the relevant Checklist being worked through?

  • Is the Garbage Management Plan available updated and important information displayed as required? Is it known to all crew?



  • GMDSS procedures posted and respective records are updated

  • GMDSS fully understand and operational

  • Survival Equipment available and ready to be used (no obstructions) (EPIRB, SART, GMDSS portable equipments, ALDIS, etc.)

  • Gyro- and Magnetic Compass.

  • Echo sounder


  • Navigation lights and Black Shapes (diamond and round)

  • Ship Whistle: A ship’s horn is known as whistle and it is generally provided in duplicate. One is driven by air and the other is electrically operated.

  • Pilot Card: It is an informative booklet provided to the ship’s pilot. It consists of the dimension, draught, turning circle, maneuvering, propulsion equipment etc. of the vessel for safe maneuvering.

  • Wheelhouse Posters (Present in the Navigation bridge, it displays a detailed information of maneuvering characteristics of the ship).

  • Ship Flags: Various types of ship flags with different colors and signs are used to indicate a ship’s position. Signal flags are they are commonly known, have been used since the ancient times and are still used on all vessels.

Monitoring and Measuring

  • Are Lifesaving- and Firefighting Appliances regularly inspected, and is the Safety Officer aware about the requirements of carriage?


  • Is the Term "Corrective Action" clear and known by all Officers?

  • Is the term "Preventive Action/ Action to prevent recurrence" known to all Officers?

  • Are Drills and Trainings to Prepare for Emergency Situations carried out as required and logged accordingly?

  • Has the Emergency Telephone Number been tested successfully?

Environmental Protection

  • Are environmental objects and program available?

  • Are environmental aspects available?

  • Are environmental targets available and understood?


  • The Deck Officers are fully conversant with the HESQ System.

  • Have the log books been reviewed?

  • Have the Gas Detection Devices been calibrated annually?

  • Has the Planned Maintenance System been controlled?

  • Further Remarks:

Obligations of the Company

  • Is the Master's overriding Authority clearly defined?

  • Does the Company provide sufficient support to Master and SSO?

Ship Security Assessment

  • Is the Ship Security Assessment being kept confidential?

Ship Security Officer

  • Is a Ship Security Officer appointed?

  • Are the tasks of the Ship Security Officer defined?

  • Is the Ship Security Officer fully conversant with the Ship Security Plan?

SOLAS Requirements

  • Is the Automatic Identification System (AIS) working (SOLAS V Reg.19)?

  • Is the ship identification number installed as per rules (SOLAS XI-1 Reg.3)?


  • Remarks

Completion of Inspection

  • All observations, remarks were discussed, explained and accepted by all team members.

  • Inspector's Signature

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