Health And Safety Systems

Is the OH & S policy available to staff?

Are the emergency procedures available?

Are the MSDS available?

Is the Site Safety plan available?


Are the work areas free from rubbish and obstruction?

Is there a clear access and egress in the workplace?

Is the site free from slip/trip hazards?

Are all the hatches closed?

Is the lighting adequate?


Are there any broken plugs, sockets or switches?

Are there any frayed or defective leads?

Are all leads inspected and tagged?

Date of leads inspection

Are any leads strained?

Are there any cable trip hazards?

Are the start/stop switches clearly identified?

Is there a fire extinguisher for electrical fires?

Hazardous Substances

Is a chemical register developed?

Are chemicals stored appropriately?

Are containers labeled appropriately?

Is there an adequate ventilation system?

Is PPE available and being used?

Is soap/ hand cleaning materials available?

Are there waste disposal procedures in place?

Are chemical handling procedures followed?

Is a first aid kit available?

Prevention Of Falls

Are confined spaces signposted and locked off?

Are safe work procedures in place?

Stairs Steps and Landings

Are any steps worn or broken?

Are handrails in good repair?

Are the areas clear of obstructions?

Is there adequate lighting?

Is there emergency lighting?

Are all non- slip treatments in good order?

Are the kick plates in position?

Are the areas clear of spills and debris?


Are employees provided with PPE?

Is it being worn?

Is sunscreen available?

Is aero guard available?

Are the employees wearing non-slip footware?

Does the footware have a toecap?

Are the employees wearing high viz?

Are the employees wearing a wide brimmed hat?

Manual Handling

Are SWMS in place for manual handling?

Was a risk assessment for manual handling performed?

Are manual handling controls implemented?

Workplace Ergonomics

Is the workstation and seating design acceptable?

Have ergonomic factors been considered in work layout and task design?

Has use of excessive force and repetitive movements been minimized?

Has appropriate training been provided?

Material Handling and Storage

Are the stacks stable?

Is there sufficient space to move items?

Is material stored in racks or bins?

Are shelves free of rubbish?

Is there clear access around stacks and racks?

Are heavier items stored lower?

Are the drums in a satisfactory condition?

Is there any danger of falling objects?

Are there any sharp edges?

Is there a safe means of accessing high shelves?

Is a bundling and containment system in place and operational?

Confined Spaces

Is a risk assessment undertaken?

Is there a communication and rescue plan in place?

Is the safety equipment in good working order?

Calibration of gas detector due
Battery power

Are all employees trained?

Is a confined space permit used?

Are all confined spaces identified and sign posted?

Traffic Control

Is the loading and unloading SWMS available?

Are the correct procedures being followed?

Is the signage appropriate for the SWMS?

Are all staff qualified traffic controllers?

Is high visibility clothing worn?

Public Protection

Are all the appropriate barricades, fencing, gantry secure and in place?

Are all the signage in place?

Is the lighting suitable for public access?

Are the footpaths clean and free from debris?

Is site access controlled?

Are traffic control procedures in place?

Are public complaints actioned?


Are the washrooms clean?

Are the toilets clean?

Are the lockers clean?

Are the meal rooms clean?

Are rubbish bins available?

Is drinking water available?

First Aid

Are procedures documented and issued?

Are crew qualified in 1st aid?

Does the first aid kit meet stock requirements?

Date of last stock check

Is there adequate lighting that is free from glare?

Is the lighting clean and efficient?

Are the windows clean?

Are all lights operable and not flickering?

Fire control

Are the extinguishers in place?

Date of service?

Appropriate signage of extinguishers?

Are extinguishers appropriate for hazards?

Are exit paths clear of obstructions?

Are emergency communication mediums established?

Are emergency telephone numbers available?

Is the no smoking laws observed?

Are flammable liquid storage procedures followed?

Are emergency procedures in place?

Are the alarms working?

Are personnel trained in use of fire fighting equipment?


Are life jackets accessible?

How many life jackets on board?
Date of last life jacket count
Date of last dinghy drill
Person overboard

Are lifebouys accessible and rope attached?

How many life bouys on board?

Corrective Action Requests

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.