Stage One - Window Delivery Inspection

  • Has the window been delivered in good condition

  • Is all the protection still intact with no obvious tears, rips or collision points

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Stage Two - Techcrete Panel Inspection

  • Is the structural opening to agreed dimensions

  • Is the Techcrete panel free from defects

  • Is the Techcrete panel in an accecptable condition for the window to be installed

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Stage Three - Window Frame & Brackets

  • Are the brackets the correct specification as set out on C579 - 6137
    Aluminium 6mm brackets 3 number to the bottom of the window frame.
    Aluminium 3mm brackets 3 number per each side and head of window

  • Are the brackets equally spaced and at correct positions as set out on C579 - 6137

  • Have the recommended fixings been used to secure the bracket to the window frame
    2 number per bracket No 4 x 19 PSR Rapierstar self tap screw

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Stage Four - EPDM To Window Frame

  • Is the EPDM membrane free from rips or tears and connected to 3 sides of the window frame

  • Has EPDM been connected to the sub cill

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Stage Five - Window Installation

  • Has the window frame been placed in the correct position
    Drawing BWS - 3250 - 21 - X - 4002, Rev F

  • Has the window been installed in the Techcrete panel maintaining an equilateral dimension
    As set out on FAA Drawings 4002, 4004, 4005, 4006, 4007

  • Has the correct fixing been used to secure the window bracket to the Techcrete panel
    Ejot FBS - R, 6.3 x 60 concrete self drill anchor

  • Has the fixing into the Techcrete panel been secured sufficiently to hold the bracket tight against the panel

  • Is the window frame free from defects and all surfaces free from damage to the finished powder coated surface

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Stage Six - EPDM to Techcrete Panel

  • Has primer been applied to the Techcrete panel
    Arbo 2650 primer

  • Has the EPDM membrane been lapped in the correct sequence.
    Bottom membrane attached to the panel first followed by the two sides overlapping the bottom membrane and then the top membrane overlapping the two sides

  • Has the external EPDM membrane been connected to the panel correctly and trimmed back as per detail 4004

  • Have all the lapped corners been fully sealed using Arbo membrane adhesive

  • Has the perimeter of the EPDM been fully sealed using Arbo membrane adhesive

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Stage Seven - Glazing & Gaskets

  • Has the glass unit been positioned on the correct glazing supports and at the correct position from each corner as per the system supplier recommendations.

  • Has the unit been installed in the correct orientation
    32mm Dgu 6.8 Lam outer 10mm toughened inner

  • Is the glass unit free from defects such as seeds, roller nip and viewed according to industry standards.
    Viewed from inside at a distance of 3 metres at 90 degrees.

  • Is the captive gasket free from rips and tears

  • Are all the beads installed correctly and free from damage and without gaps at the corners

  • Has the wedge gasket been installed with the correct amount of overhang
    10mm per metre

  • Has the wedge gasket been installed smooth and without ripples and meeting at the corners

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Stage Eight - Opening Vents

  • Has the glass unit been installed correctly as fixed unit above

  • Has the opening vent glass been heeled and toed with the packers in the correct position

  • Is the opening vent operating smoothly

  • Is the handle installed correctly and free from defects

  • Is the window handle operating and locking

  • Has the restrictor been installed in the correct position

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Stage Nine - Window Cill

  • Is the window cill free from defects and painted surface in good condition

  • Has the window cill been installed so the fall is in the right direction

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Stage Ten - Silicone Point

  • Has the correct silicone been used

  • Has the silicone been applied to give the correct finish, tooled and recessed

  • Has the silicone point been applied to the full perimeter including a run on either side of the cill profile

  • Is the silicone point smooth and free from blemishes

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