Areas of Inspection


  • HSE policies displayed

  • HSE Law Poster

  • Insurance documents

  • Are suitable risk assessments in place covering the range of activities undertaken on site and have these been subject to review within the last 12 months?

  • Equipment service records

  • Facility service records

  • Staff inductions

  • Have all accidents/incidents/near misses been recorded and reported using the online form?

  • Asbestos report

  • Confined spaces

  • CDM

  • Contractor control

  • COSHH assessments


  • Have DSE assessments been completed for all relevant staff and any actions completed or closed?

  • Driving at work

  • EICR / PAT

  • Events

  • Health surveillance

  • Home working

  • Legionella

  • Lone working

  • New and expectant mothers

  • Violence and aggression

  • Young persons

  • Others identified

Facility Safety

  • Safe access and egress

  • Free from trip hazards

  • Adequate lighting

  • Safety signage and communication

  • Vehicles and pedestrian segregation

  • Housekeeping

  • Are there effective access control arrangements to site, including visitor book and restricted areas (plant rooms/roofs/etc)?

  • Others identified


  • Is a suitable and sufficient COVID Risk Assessment displayed?

  • Is home working evident?

  • One way systems

  • Social distancing

  • COVID signage and communication

  • Cleaning, hygiene and wash stations

  • PPE

  • Others identified

First Aid

  • Has an assessment of first aid needs been completed?

  • Is there an up to date schedule of first aiders displayed on site?

  • Do you have access to a first aid box that is correctly stocked and readily available?

  • Are first aid boxes checked regularly and documented records available to reflect this?


  • Does the site have a valid Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) and have any significant findings been addressed?

  • Fire Drills

  • Fire Detection

  • Emergency Lighting

  • Fire fighting equipment, dry risers and suppression systems

  • Fire signage

  • Escape and exit routes

  • Incident Marshals and Fire Safety Training

  • Gas safe

  • Housekeeping / Waste Management / Cable Management

  • Compartmentation

  • Others identified


  • Eating and rest facilities

  • Sanitary Conveniences

  • Changing Area

  • Dust / Noise

  • Others identified

Working Practices

  • Manual handling

  • Use of ladders

  • Safety observations

  • Emergency preparedness awareness

  • Others identified

Personal Protective Equipment

  • If required, is PPE acceptable

  • Other


  • Cleanliness

  • Equipment suitability

  • Lifting equipment / Manual Handling Aids

  • Other identified


  • Racking / Shelving

  • Materials storage

  • Have all hazardous substances been identified and recorded on a COSHH register?

  • Are SDS available for all hazardous substances used on site?

  • Are all chemicals used stored in appropriate facilities to prevent misuse/environmental harm?

Waste Management

  • Waste streams clearly signed and communicated

  • Waste segregated & controlled

Access Equipment

  • Lifts - are maintenance and statutory inspection records valid and available?

  • Window Cleaning Cradles - are maintenance and statutory inspection records valid and available?

  • Window Cleaning Cradles - are training/competence records valid and available?

  • Safety Harnesses and Anchor Points - are maintenance and statutory inspection records valid and available?

Back of House

  • Are traffic/pedestrian routes clearly segregated?

  • Are external/circulation areas well-lit and free from clutter?

  • Are levels of housekeeping adequate to all back of house areas/plant rooms?

  • Are items of plant/equipment adequately guarded (waste compactors/lift motor rooms)?

  • Have noise assessments conducted for applicable plant rooms?


  • Is there a documented food safety system (based on HACCP principles) in place and has the system been reviewed within the last 12 months?

  • Have all food handlers received training appropriate to their work? (Eg. CIEH Level 2 Certificate in Food Hygiene)

  • Are all personnel wearing appropriate clean over clothing and maintaining an acceptable standard of personal cleanliness and hygiene?

  • Are all stored products (dry, chilled and frozen) properly stored, adequately labelled and within date codes?

  • Are all freezers and refrigerators operating at or below their specified operating temperature?

  • Are the operating temperatures checked at least twice daily and recorded?

  • Are temperatures of hot and cold service equipment checked regularly and recorded?

  • Is an effective cleaning schedule in place (with records available to reflect this) and cleaning standards monitored by a senior member of staff?

  • Has kitchen ductwork been inspected for cleanliness within the last 2 years and based on usage, is there a regular cleaning regime in place for kitchen extract ducts?

  • Is all catering equipment subject to suitable servicing/ maintenance, in line with manufacturers recommendations?

Assessment Outcome

  • The following gives an overall assessment based upon the findings within the risk assessment in line with the above risk matrix

  • What is the overall site risk likelihood? 1 - Unlikely / 2 - Possible / 3 - Quite Possible / 4 - Likely / 5 - Very Likely

  • What is the overall site risk severity? 1 - Negligible / 2 - Slight / 3 - Moderate / 4 - Severe / 5 - Very Severe

  • What is the overall site risk? (Likelihood x Severity)

Inspection Sign Off

  • Assessment Carried Out By:

  • Signature

  • Report Issued To:

  • Signature

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