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Contract Administration Program

  • Required contractor schedules, plans and other submittals are on file.

  • Does the PMO have a Quality Assurance Plan for reviewing contractor performance.

Maintenance Personnel

  • All personnel engaged in maintenance activities have certificates of training,license, permits and bonding as required by the authority having jurisdiction. Asbestos handling.

  • Do the appropriate state and local authorities in those trades or crafts requiring license, issue those licenses to the mechanics?

  • Are persons who maintain, service or repair appliances that contain class I or class II refrigerants certified by the EPA certifying program?

Preventive Maintenance

  • Is there a Preventive Maintenance program in place?

  • Was the PM program approved by the CO/COR?

  • An inspection program has been established, implemented, and documented to ensure that preventive maintenance is accomplished in accordance with the PM approved program?

  • Does the PM program match the equipment inventory?

  • Are PMs performed as scheduled with no pattern of unsatisfactory or incomplete work?

  • Is there a water treatment program for boilers, chillers, and cooling towers.

Service Calls

  • Is there a Service Call program in place?

  • Is the time and date of receipt recorded for each service call along with the name and contact info for the person or agency making the call?

  • Is the item and date of completion recorded when calls are completed?

  • Are service calls completed in a timely manner, in accordance with the building operating procedures?

  • Is the PMO using the CMMS to the maximum extent possible in their service call and PM program?

  • Is the PMO following up on service to gauge customer satisfaction?

Equipment Condition

  • Is there a plan to repair, replace, or dispose of equipment in an unsatisfactory condition?


  • Is there an approved BOP ( building operating plan) for each building specifying the hours of operation based on the seasons and in accordance with the outside temperature condition including startup and shut down procedures?

  • Is there a current annual inspection certificate displayed near the boiler and are Air Quality Management District permits updated?

  • Are there operating instructions posted on or near the boilers?

  • When was the last boiler tune up and Flue Gas Analysis performed


  • Are there operating instructions posted on or near the chillers?

  • Is there a chiller water treatment program?

  • Are records being maintained for the control and management of refrigerants?

Air Compressors

  • Is the air dryer operational on the pneumatic system?

  • Is the tank drained regularly?

  • Is there an annual inspection certificate for any tanks over 60 psi and 15 gallons?

  • Are there unfired pressure vessel certificates for this tank if applicable?

Mechanical Rooms

  • Are all mechanical spaces clean and maintained?

  • Mechanical rooms are free of materials, i.e.( furniture, agency equipment, trash)?

  • Are combustable materials stored properly and away from Electrical switchgear, boilers ?

  • Is all piping in mechanical spaces properly labeled and color coded as to it's use?

  • Is all pipe lagging in good condition?

  • Did you check for unusual noises or leaks in the mechanical spaces?

Air Handlers

  • Are there Excessive vibration noises?

  • Dirt saturation in filters, cooling and heating coils?

  • Are belts tensioned properly and evenly?

  • Are fan shaft bearings lubricated?

  • Are belt guards in place?

  • Are belts in good condition?

Air Intake Louvers

  • Is weather stripping intact?

  • Are insect screens intact and clear of debris?

  • Do automatic dampers move freely?

  • Is there excessive air leakage when closed and do Outside Air and Return Air Dampers work in reverse of each other? (i.e. OA 100% open, return 100% closed and vice versa)

  • Are actuators working properly?

Cooling Towers

  • Is there a water treatment program in place?

  • Is the cooling tower water treated with biocides, rust inhibitors?

  • Are the tower media,slats and sump clean?

  • Are there any laks in the area of the towers?

  • Are there signs of Algae and/or Scale buildup?


  • Are drains clear of debris?

  • Is flashing intact and tight?

  • Is there ponding?

  • Is the roof membrane in good repair?

  • Are semi-annual roof inspection reports on file?


  • Does generator run logs show weekly tests?

  • Are Transfer Switch test under building load being conducted monthly?

  • Perform visual inspection of engine oil, battery connections and perform specific gravity test of battery.

  • Check generator for signs of leaks in, exhaust, oil and water systems.

  • Are the operating instructions posted on or nearby the generator?

Switchgear and Electrical Systems.

  • Is equipment properly marked?

  • Are all low voltage breakers over 50 amps and all molded case breakers over 400 amps tagged with the last inspection?

  • Three year infrared scanning to locate problems must be documented and tags must include testing firm, date and initials.

  • Proper voltage rated rubber mats in place around equipment?


  • Is safety inspection certificate available?

  • Is the certificate or equivalent form posted in the cab or building manager's office?

  • Have Annual no-load test and maintenance inspections been completed?

  • Is the 5-year load test and maintenance inspection completed?

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