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Section 1: Planning

  • 1.1 Did the Additive Operator have the additive transported to the site in a safe manner?

  • 1.2 Did the Additive Operator conduct a risk assessment if the operation was to be conducted under pressure?

  • 1.3 Did the Additive Operator hold a safety meeting with relevant ship and/or shore personnel before any operations were carried our?

  • 1.4 Did the Additive Operator complete a safety checklist?

  • 1.5 If the cargo treatment was carried out on board a ship, were the hazardous areas clearly identified?

  • 1.6 Was the Additive Operators dose rate based on a laboratory bench blend?

Section 2:HSE

  • 2.1 Was the additive operator wearing PPE appropriate to task?

  • 2.2 Did the additive operator have an MSDS For the cargo being treated?

  • 2.3 Did the additive operator have an MSDS for the additive used to treat the cargo?

  • 2.4 Was the additive operator fully aware of all hazards referred to in the MSDS?

  • 2.5 If any sampling was undertaken, was it performed in accordance with industry guidelines?

Section 3: Equipment

  • 3.1 Was the equipment tagged to show that it had been recently safety checked?

  • 3.2 Could the additive company provide certificates to show equipment compliance?

  • 3.3 Was the equipment certified for use in a hydrocarbon rich environment?

  • 3.4 Was the additive operators equipment compatible with the additives chemistry?

  • 3.5 Were joints and/or couplings custom made?

  • 3.6 Did the additive operator ensure that the additive site would be effective for the treatment of the cargo?

  • 3.7 Were all hoses containing high pressure fluids or air in good working condition?

  • 3.8 If the cargo is being treated via the manifold, did the additive operator monitor the load/discharge rate to ensure the correct dosage rate?

Section 4: Communications

  • 4.1 Were copies of the MSDS distributed to the appropriate vessel and shore personnel?

  • 4.2 Did the additive operator obtain the appropriate clearances to operate equipment on site?

  • 4.3 Did the subcontracted additive operator complete and send on form to principal additive operator?

  • 4.4 Did the additive operator report any unusual or unsafe practice?

  • 4.5 Did the additive operator seek approval prior to any open cargo treatment?

  • 4.6 Did the additive operator send the BP operator a time log and explain any delays sufficiently?

  • 4.7 Did the additive operator submit a field report detailing findings and anomalies?

Section 5: Any Other comments and Observations

  • Cargo Assurance

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