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Office Tasks

  • CSR asking for the sale

  • CSR entering proper customer, vehicle, insurance, source & date data into CMS or UCMS

  • Customers being greeted in a timely manner ( not waiting to be acknowledged )

  • Customer service in a friendly manner

  • Phones answered timely & professionally

  • DE greeting customers properly & with a business card

  • DE going over repairs with customer

  • DE actively selling & getting the keys

  • Estimate given to customer

  • DRP cycle time objective being met

  • Promise date calculator used in UCMS

  • Quality photos taken accurately showing the damage areas including prior damage

Detail Department Tasks

  • Vehicles are being Pre-washed, including underwood & wheel wells

  • Liquid mask applied correctly & consistently over proper areas

  • Convertible top protected

  • QC Sheet sign off correctly

Damage Analysis Tasks

  • Repairs are mapped out with paint markers using detail to describe repairs needed & UPD identified

  • Vehicle properly disassembled to exposed hidden damage, 100% Teardown

  • Damage parts place on parts carts

  • Accurate work-order in the vehicle with a QC sheet & VIR

  • OEM procedures followed

Parts Department Tasks

  • Utilizing Reports

  • PC looking at vehicle before ordering any parts

  • CMS parts screen are used & update ( parts delivery dates)

  • Parts being checked to invoice, damage & accuracy at time of delivery

  • Parts labels being printed & parts are tagged

  • Parts are loaded onto parts carts or parts storage area until needed

  • Parts to be cut-in are delivered to paint department with RO clearly marked

  • Parts numbers updated when posting

  • PC deliver parts to vehicle

  • Overall parts management process is meeting company standards

Body/ Structural Repair Tasks

  • Vehicles being brought in body shop timely & in an organized manner, cars parked in stalls, best use of floor space tactics are being employed.

  • Techs are using parts carts & no parts are stored in the vehicle

  • Techs are taking necessary steps to protect the interior of the vehicle from damage

  • Frame measuring equipment being used & if needed print outs are being done before & after repairs, a copy is in the customer file

  • Small parts are in plastic bags & trim parts protected

  • Welding operations are being done with spot welding equipment, in a quality fashion, welds are finished off to OEM standards

  • Test fitting of panels

  • Priming is properly applied & proper steps taken to protect vehicle from over-spray per the SOP

  • Foam sealers & corrosion protection being applied

  • Proper safety equipment is being used

  • QC Sign out sheet being used

Paint Shop Tasks

  • Paint department is clean including mixing room & paint booths, filters are being changed regularly, mix room door kept closed

  • Painters are inspecting dody repairs using QC Sheet

  • Vehicle is clean, rehashed if needed. Liquid mask reapplied

  • Vehicles are being properly prepped to company SOP

  • Spray out cards & library being maintained

  • Paint quality is up to OEM standards, free of dirt & imperfections

  • Nibbling & buffing if needed is being done properly, sand scratches are being completely removed & finish is up to OEM standards

  • Proper safety equipment is being used

  • Painters are signing off on QC Sheet correctly

Final Assembly Tasks

  • Body techs are inspecting paint work for color match & finish, signing off QC Sheet that work is acceptable & rejecting working if needed

  • Body techs are verifying panel fit & testing all electrical systems

Pre-Delivery Tasks

  • DE performing final QC inspection of overall repairs including test driving if needed & signing off on QC Sheet

Customer Pick up Tasks

  • DE is going over repairs with customer, reselling repairs, asking customer if they "are 100%" completely satisfied & asking for referrals

  • CSR handling paperwork properly &closing RO with accurate data entered into CMS

  • DRP insurance final billing being done timely & accurately

Daily Tasks

  • Autowatch being done every morning before 10am

  • Parts daily business being completed on the same business day

  • Customer Updates

  • EFS follow up is up to date

  • Shop loaded ( shop loaded throughout the day & night before correctly )

  • Vehicle properly protected

  • Parts Returns

  • Labor Credits

  • CMS / UCMS Production system accurate & updated ( live throughout the day )

  • Production meetings occurring & data being shared with staff

  • Proper scheduling practices being employed, missed appointments followed up

  • Insurance / DRP scheduling & procedures being actively managed

Shop Sately

  • No smoking in the shop being reinforced

  • Safety glasses are being worn

  • Respirators are being worn

  • Walking areas are free from clutter & trip hazards

  • Containers are properly labeled & stored

  • No open fluids on the shop floor

  • Waste drums - Safe

  • Bulk fluid drums - Safe

Total & comments

  • Using the score in the top right corner, divide the score by the total & use the slider to enter the percentage.

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