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    1. Conduct a food safety inspection by answering the questions accordingly.
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Food Safety – Level 3

  • Cross contamination is not observed

  • No significant pest activity

  • All food must be cooked or heated to the proper internal cooking temperature

  • Cold food held <5°C and within documented 4 hour hold time

  • Hot food held >60°C and within documented 4 hour hold time

  • Temp controlled food using only time for food safety must have documented procedures and be within 4 hour hold time

  • Only approved ingredients or food evident

  • TM not observed working with symptoms of illness or infection

  • Hand washing conducted as required

  • Food handling TM with bandage on hand must wear gloves

  • Thermometers in use are calibrated

  • Restaurant has electric power

  • Proper sanitizing in 3 step sink

  • Raw protein and other wiping cloths are never mixed

  • Water is from an approved source

  • Hot water is available in the 3 compartment sink

  • Dedicated hand wash sink BOH

  • No sewage backup (restaurant or kitchen drains)

  • No significant pest activity

  • Minimum of one functioning toilet available

  • Hot carry over procedures for approved ingredients are followed by the team

Local Standards/Health & Safety – Level 3

  • All fire routes and doors are clear and accessible, unlocked and functioning correctly

  • No manipulation of company records (training, CCPs etc.)

  • Person in charge is fully trained

  • Delivery drivers comply with local training and licensing

  • ACE audit unable to be completed

Brand Standards – Level 3

  • Core menu items are all available at all times

  • Fry basket is not full beyond the oil level

  • Pizza is not raw or burnt

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