Title Page

  • Address of property at which the inspection was carried out
  • Registered number of DA or CDC

  • Registered number of CC

  • Development Description

  • Inspection type

  • Please specify

  • Specific Item/s inspected

  • Date of Inspection

  • Name of Certifying Authority by whom inspection was carried out

  • Please specify

  • Individual certifier who carried out inspection

  • Please specify name and accreditation number

  • Individual certifier signature

  • Individual certifier signature (additional)

  • Outcome of inspection

  • Is a reinspection required before work proceeds?

  • Work may proceed to the point of the next mandatory inspection.
    Refer to the list of inspections provided to you previously.

Inspection notes


  • Class(es) of building being inspected

  • Is a contract for the certification work in place?

  • Has notice of commencement of work been given?

  • Has evidence of HBCF insurance been provided?


  • Are there any special hazards on the site?

  • Specify

  • Have controls and/or SWMS been appropriately provided?

  • Does the development generally appear to be being carried out accordance with the development consent?

Inspection checks

  • Inspection type

  • Please specify

  • The location of the footings are as approved documents

  • The size of the footing excavation is as per approved documents

  • The work has been carried out or prepared in a manner that appears to be in accordance with the relevant requirements of the BCA

  • Is this a concrete slab?

  • Photos of work as inspected

  • General notes/items for rectification

Evidence used

  • Tick each type of evidence used to decide the findings of fact and to support the decision recorded in this report.

  • Visual inspection of work/building elements

  • Measurement of work/building elements/materials

  • Comparison to approved documents (plans/specifications)

  • Comparison to BCA deemed-to-satisfy provisions

  • Comparison to BCA referenced documents/standards

  • Interview of person(s) who apparently carried out the work

  • Inspection and recording of other documentation (eg installation certificates, chain-of-custody documents,etc)

  • Other

  • Provide details

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