Overall budget

Facilities budget

Equipment budget

Projected start date

Projected end date

Gymetrix study received back

Existing drawing complete

Ideas for site


Carpets to be replaced throughout

Male changing room full refurb

Female changing room full refurb

Gym floor lighting to be completed

DDA shower full refurb

DDA toilet full refurb

Free weights flooring

Functional flooring

Ideas for site


New kiosks required

Extra pod/pods required?

Barrier matting to be extended


Pictures of entrance

New IT required


Staff room

New lockers required



Does the gym have climbmills?

Any other cardio requirements?

GM informed on how to check equipment usage

Pictures of current layout

New Layout ideas

Cycle Studio

Bikes need replacing

Number of spin bikes on site/ to be extracted
Number of new spin bikes needed
Pictures of spin studio
Main Studio

Step boxes need replacing?

Number of step boxes needed

Pump rack and bars to be replaced

Mats need replacing?

Number of mats needed
Pictures of studio
Resistance machines

Prone leg curl required?

Cable machines in good working order?

Items to recondition

Any other requirements?

Pictures of cables

New DBs needed?

New plates needed?

New squat racks needed?

Other comments

Pictures of free weights
Functional area

Rig to be added? If so size and photo of space

All 3rd party as per standard quote to be replaced?

Pictures of functional
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