Amenity, Environmental & WHS Inspection Report


Safety Supervisor:
Area Inspected
Week Ending:
Clients' Employees, Other Contractors and Public Safety

Communication lines in place with client?

Client updated on any changing work site conditions

Affecting Client Employees and Visitors

Affecting public

Affecting other client contractors

Communication lines in place with other contractors

Is there safe access for the following to enter or leave the clients premises?

Client Empolyees

The public

Other contractors

Are applicable barriers and fencing in place?

Are the following safety/warning signs in place?

Safety rules

Emergency Procedures

Site Security Procedures

Personal Safety

Do all employees have the following PPE?

Hard Hats

Foot Protection

Protective Clothing

Eye Protection

Hearing Protection

Is there a First Aid Kit on site?

Do personnel have good access and egress?


Are toilets and facilities clean and tidy?

Is the lunch room clean?

All rubbish removed from amenities

Are rubbish bins provided?

General Work Area

Are all work areas:

Clean and tidy?

Free from obstructions?

Any confined spaces?

Do employers have appropriate qualifications and tickets?

Adequate lighting

Are electrical (static) hazards present?

Has a SWMS been prepared for the work within the area?

Adequate waste disposal

Appropriate waste disposal

Hot works?

Has works permit been gained?

Welding screens supplied and in place

Fire extinguishers available?

Working at Heights Areas

Any work undertaken at height?

Are all ladders secured? (1:4 ratio, 1m past top)

Are all penetrations around the area covered?

Trestles have two (2) planks

Scaffold complete, installed by a competent person?

Handrails and kickboards installed to all ledges over 1.8m

Works over 2m are completed with a cherry picker and harness.

Work Locations

Working downstream of water storage

Working over, near on, in or under water

Underground activity

Underground services

Overhead hazzards

Remote locations

Traffic & vehicles

Vehicle and mobile equipment & tool hazards

Hot metal

Hot surfaces


Trapped heat

Hydraulic pressure (compressed fluid hazzards)

Trenches and Excavations


Barricades and signs

Isolation procedures, fences, no-go areas

Trench over 1.5m shored, benched, bunting, handrail

Public areas barricaded

Construction Areas

Formwork, false work all have engineer certificates?

Point loading

Brick scaffold have brick guards

Rubbish chute is fenced off

Demolition activity

Hoists and Cranes

Hoists installed and operated by certified person

Slings checked by Dogman


Cleaned in good condition

Correct type for work being performed

Machinery guards fitted

Electrical tools inspected

Lead stand

Leads and tools inspected

Earth leakage supplied

Explosive power tools warning signs

Operations licensed for equipment


Neatly and correctly staked

Environmental controls in place

Manual handling techniques

Access maintained

Close to area of usage

Stored safely

Walkways, Stairs, Platforms, etc

Clean and free from obstruction

Free from spillage


Planks secure and in good repair

Safety barriers, handrails, etc

Ladders in good repair

Suitable protective clothing and equipment

Hazzardous Substances


PCB's identified

Biological hazards

Chemical hazards

Toxic materials

Other dangerous materials

All MSDS's supplied

Storage of Flammable Materials

Are flammable materials on site

Area identified with proper sign

Fire extinguishers available

Environmental Protection

Rubbish removal

Gas, fumes and foil air

Dust controls

Noise and vibration hazards and controls

Flooding and overflow

Chemical spill control

Comments regarding general site safety

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.