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  • Location

Traffic Management

  • Hold Point released and Approved TCP available and on site

  • Traffic control set up is according to the approved TCP

  • Does the contractor have the approved ROL & SZA with Hold Point signed on site

  • UHF Channel selected and communicated (Channel number)

  • Are queue lengths been monitored

  • Contractor carried out regular inspection on traffic control set up

  • Is the road surface travelled through, around or past the work site satisfactory?

  • General comments.

  • Traffic Management set up

OHS & Risk Management

  • All personnel at site have been inducted and signed on induction sheet

  • Have Green Card or appropriate induction tickets been sighted

  • Contractor carried out regular safety inspections using suitable checklists

  • Records of toolbox talks available

  • Emergency procedures available on site

  • SWMS available on site

  • All personnel are equipped with appropriate PPE

  • Reversing alarms and revolving lights of all plant are working

  • Daily plant inspection records are completed prior to commencement of work.<br>Reversing Alarms and revolving lights are operational

  • First Aid Kits and Nominated First Aiders are available on site

  • Are Fire Extinguishers readily available on site

  • Add any Comments


  • Contractors or Sub Contractors Environmental Control Checklists are available and being used, <br>I.e. Waste Management Register

  • Contractor has completed a Environmental inspection prior to commencing and regularly during works

  • Are all Erosion and Sediment Controls adequate .<br>I.e. stockpile is bunded

  • Are spill kits available on site

  • Is the site and surrounding area free from waste, litter and rubbish at the end of the work


  • Has a site inspection being conducted

  • Sub contractors Spray Sealing Checklist and ITP's are available and being completed

  • Resource levels are adequate and in accordance with Contractors Project Plan

  • Pavement Preparation ( I.e. Surface has been swept no less than 300 mm beyond the edge of the area to be sprayed )

  • Has adequate protection of services and road fixtures been completed <br>I.e. cover grates hydrants bridge or culvert decks

  • Have temporary pavement markers been installed in accordance with the project requirements

  • Pavement temperature is above minimum level for 1 hour prior to sealing<br><br> ▶ Must be no less than 10 deg C for Cutback Bitumen<br><br>▶ Must be no less then 20 Deg C for Polymer Modified binder with Scrap Rubber<br><br>▶ Must be no less than 25 Deg C for Polymer Modified Binder <br>

  • Binder temperature is above minimum level for 1 Hour prior to sealing.<br><br>▶ Class 170 160 to 190 Deg C <br>▶ Multigrade 600/170 160 to 190 Deg C <br>▶ Class 320 170 to 200 Deg C <br>▶ Polymer Modified Binder. 100 to 240 Deg C

  • Are current or prevailing weather conditions suitable for sealing ,<br>I.e. Sealing will not commence if pavement is wet , rain appears imminent , strong winds or dust storms

  • Has a protective strip of heavy paper being applied at the commencement and finish of each spray run

  • Have allocated spray rates been measured and achieved

  • Have longitudinal spray runs been overlapped by no less than 50mm

  • Has contractor or sub contractor prevented settlement of dust, penetration of moisture and drying out of pre-coating agent at the stockpile .

  • Has Aggregate been distributed uniformly - Visual check

  • Has aggregate been spread at the targeted rate

  • Is aggregate firmly embedded into binder,

  • Was rolling conducted using either a duel axel multi tyre roller or a combination of multi tyre and drum roller

  • Did rolling commence no later then 5 minutes for Polymer Modified Binder

  • Did rolling commence no later then 15 minutes for Cutback Bitumen

  • Was back rolling carried out for a minimum period of 1hour per 1000m2 for roads having traffic volume of less than 500 vehicles per lane per day

  • Was back rolling carried out for 1hour per 1500m2 for other roads, up to a maximum of 24 hours after aggregate has been applied

  • Was sufficient sweeping to remove loose aggregate conducted by street sweeper or a tractor mounted broom

  • For 10 mm and 14 mm reveals, did the sub contractor monitor loose aggregate and undertake additional sweeping if rate is higher than,<br>▶ 20 Particles per m2 for Urban Areas<br>▶ 30 Particles per m2 for Med - High traffic > 250 v/l/d<br>▶ 40 Particles per m2 for low traffic < 250 v/l/d


  • Temporary delineation provided at end of work shift prior to opening to traffic

  • Temporary delineation maintained until line marking and RPM's reinstated

  • After care signs have been installed as per contractors Project Plan

  • Lines reinstated within two weeks and RPM's reinstated within two to four weeks


  • Activity appropriate

  • Are RMS Specifications being adhered to

  • Work method conformed to activity guideline procedure

  • Material conformance

  • Have All Hold Points been released

  • Lot conformance and traceability being controlled

  • Has any NCR's been raised

  • Have NCR's raised been closed out

  • Add any Comments

Other worksite Hazards or Comments:


  • Enter comments or recommendations;

  • Contractors Performance

  • Signature of auditor:

  • Signature of site supervisor

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