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  • The nine step approach to completing VFL's
    1, Stop and observe.
    2, Introduce yourself (unless you already know the person).
    3, Tell them what you're doing.
    4, The job and its stages.
    5, Give praise for safe behaviour.
    6, Ask about the worst thing that can happen, etc.
    7, Find the root cause of any unsafe behaviour or condition.
    8, Get solutions to the unsafe behaviour or condition
    9, Get commitment to act

  • Can you describe to me what a confined space is?

  • Can you describe to me what is a restricted space?

  • How do you know on site where they are?

  • Have you ever worked somewhere, where it would be difficult to get out in an emergency?

  • Do you know what the rescue procedures are should you need to get someone out in a hurry?

  • Have you had a toolbox talk on working in confined space?

  • When did you last carry out confined space training?

  • Who fills in the confined space permit?

  • Could welding fumes build up in the area you are working in?

  • Are there emergency procedures and a team set up to rescue someone trapped on this site and how does this work?

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