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CDM & Planned Project Works

  • Is there a Health & Safety Site File on Site?

  • Does file contain method statement & risk assessment?

  • Have site operatives read and signed to confirm they have understood and agree with method statement & risk assessment?

  • Are emergency contacts for site and Response management provided in file?

  • Is the Response Insurance Certification available in file?

  • Is the training portfolios and or training certification for the site operatives available within file?

  • Is the test certificates for all site equipment available within site file, i.e. PATs records and Lifting Equipment ?

  • Where applicable are COSHH data sheets available for products being used?

  • Is the Authorisation to Proceed / Permit to Work from the site management available within file?

Site Health & Safety

  • Have the site operatives completed a work safe risk assessment and hold a signed method statement by all members of the site team?

  • Have all relevant hazards been identified within this paperwork?

  • Are all agreed control measures in place as per method statement?

  • Have the operatives obtained all relevant site permissions such as permit to work, isolation certificate, safe working procedure?

  • If so, have they been completed correctly and all relevant personnel have signed to confirm their understanding and acceptance of these documents?

  • Where applicable has all relevant sections of the plant being worked upon been isolated and locked off by all operatives involved in this work?

  • Are all operatives suitably trained for the tasks to be completed?

  • Is the correct PPE available and being used by all operatives where necessary?

  • Is the PPE being used in a good serviceable condition?

  • Is the work area ring fenced / cordoned off to prevent unauthorised access?

  • Are all unused equipment / tools stored sensibly?

  • Is a copy of the HAV's assessment and safe working levels chart available / held in the site vehicle?

Working at Height

  • Are all edges protected?

  • Is all access equipment being used certificated and suitable for task required?

  • Are all ladders being used of industrial grade and registered?

  • If required are operatives trained to erect portable scaffold tower?

  • Is scaffolding tagged and fit for use if being used?

  • Has hired in plant / mobile access platform been inspected and deemed suitable for use with inspection recorded in method statement?

  • Do operatives have and are they using full safety harnesses where needed?

Confined Space Working

  • Is a complete confined space kit on site for works to be tackled, specifically 3 x gas monitors, full arrest / recovery block, harness, 110v lighting?

  • Are gas monitors calibrated and in service date?

  • Are all operatives trained to complete confined space work?

  • Is a rescue plan in place to effect recovery in the event of an emergency?

  • Is a rescue stretcher available on site?

Lifting Operations

  • Has all lifting equipment been inspected before use and displaying correct colour tag?

  • Are operatives trained to complete lifting operations?

  • For crane operations, has lifting plan and crane check sheets been completed by allocated AP?

  • Has weather and ground conditions been assed for safe cranage operation?

Hot Works

  • Has hot work equipment been inspected prior to use and deemed fit for use?

  • Are operatives trained / competent to complete works required?

  • Is the correct PPE available and being used?

  • Is there a fire extinguisher set close to work area and or fire blankets being used?


  • Is the work / floor area clear from tripping hazards?

  • Are all large of awkward items being stored safely so as not to present a hazard?

  • Are unsafe areas condoned off to prevent access?

  • Are all vehicles safely positioned?

  • Is all waste /scrap being safely collected and disposed off or positioned in a safe area ready for removal on completion of works?

  • Are all COSHH substances stored safely and securely?

  • Is there standing water in the work area?

  • If so can it be cleared away or infilled to remove hazard?

  • Is salt or grit available to treat areas of ice or snow?

Quality Assurance

  • Is the work being completed on schedule?

  • Is the quality of work being completed to the expected standard?

  • Are all necessary plant, tools, equipment and materials available to allow work to be completed?

  • Is effective communication being maintained with customer / client?

  • Are all site rules and procedures being observed?

Site Vehicle & Equipment

  • Is site vehicle in a clean and well maintained condition, drivers area and tool area?

  • Photo of vehicle

  • Is flashing beacon working and in use?

  • Is buggy whip flag fitted and in use?

  • Is a first aid kit available and is it stocked with eye wash (in date), burn spray, plasters and bandages?

  • Is welding plant in place and operating satisfactorily ?

  • Record welding plant running hours for service planning:

  • Is burning equipment in a safe and operational condition from cylinders through to burning nozzle?

  • Fire extinguisher?

  • Chain Block (min one x 1ton)

  • Pull lift (min one x 3/4ton)

  • Colour coded 2t x 2m strops

  • Colour coded 1ton x 1m strops

  • 9" grinder

  • 4 3/4" grinder

  • Pistol drill

  • Mag drill

  • Extension cables

  • 110v work lights

  • Impact wrench

  • Tec gun

  • Nibbler

  • Combi breaker / drill

  • Safety harness, lanyard and scaffold hook

  • Full face visor and helmet

  • Burning goggles

  • Clear googles

  • Access ladder / step ladder

  • Storage racking

  • PPE, including wet weather clothing, safety boots, gloves, gauntlets, safety glasses, ear defenders, dust masks, safety helmet, probably overalls?

  • Signature of Inspector

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  • Signature of site operative

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