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  • Are the washroom’s door and handle clean and in good repair?

  • Is the washroom’s interior clean upon first impression?

  • The washroom is free of any unpleasant odor?

  • Is the washroom well lit?

  • Are all light bulbs in the washroom functional?

  • Is the washroom free of graffiti?<br>

  • The washroom is free of vandalism?<br>

  • Do all stall doors close and lock properly?<br>


  • Do all faucets flow properly and not spray water onto a patron or the counter?<br>

  • Does the sink’s tap supply both hot and cold water?<br>

  • The soap dispenser is in working order?<br>

  • Is the electric hand dryer / towel dispenser operational?<br>

  • Is the mirror free of cracks and in good repair?


  • Does the toilet flush properly?

  • Is the toilet seat in good repair? (no cracks, does not move when you sit, raises and lowers properly)

  • There is a bin next to the toilet to dispose of non-flushable materials?


  • Does the infant change table raise and lower securely?<br>

  • Is the infant change table free of stains and cracks?<br>

  • The infant change table is stable and in good order?<br>

  • Are liners available in the dispenser next to the change table?<br>


  • Facility meets the requirements of the American with Disabilities Act.

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