Is store making budget?

Is store making stretch?

Is stores percentage beating last years sales?

Is the store manager sending a weekly recap to regional manager?

Is the goal calendar and contests being posted? With the most recent information.

Are employee's aware of the daily goal and contests? Are all members displaying team effort?


Is the sales floor set for the current season?

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Are the glass showcases full with sellable merchandise?

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Are the toppers neat and full?

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Is the store signage correct? Prices points, Return Policy posted?

Are the clothing racks full and colorized?

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How many rejected quality pieces in a 4 ft section? All departments should be verified.

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What is the quality of shoes?

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Are shoes being priced up?

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Are the shoe racks colorized and full?

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Is the production room set up properly? Does it flow?

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Is the production room, neat, clean and safe?

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Does the breakdown table have only necessary items for breakdown on table?

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Is the system being worked properly? With dandux, totes and Gaylord's?

Do the hangers know their daily goals?

Is each hanger using their own hang sheet?

Is the manager verifying the clothing racks going to the salesfloor?

Ecom and Shopgoodwill

Is the store scanning 250 books or more daily?

Are acceptable scanned books labeled and placed in a blue tote?

Unaccepted books in a Gaylord or sold on the salesfloor?

Is the store sending weekly items to Shopgoodwill ?

Is the store labeling all items placed in tote for Shopgoodwill ?

Customer Service

Has the store received a customer complaint? If yes what was the nature of the complaint.

Are customers being greeted when entering store in a friendly manner?

Are all customers being given a receipt for their purchase?

Are the donors being greeted promptly and assisted in a friendly manner?

Are the donors being offered a receipt, asked to return and thanked for their donation?

Are all employees in Goodwill proper uniform?

Housekeeping and Facilites

Is the parking lot and sidewalks free of trash and cigarette butts?

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Are the fixtures and sales floor free of dust?

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Has the sales floor been swept and mopped if needed?

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Is the break room clean?

Are the bathrooms clean and stocked?

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Is the office clean and organized?

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Is the cash wrap clean and dust free?

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Does the store have any facility issues that need to be reported?

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Are all aisle ways clear and free of items on the floor?

All fire exits clear of items?

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Are all fire extinguishers clear and free of items within a 3 ft section?

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All electrical cords rubber banded?

All tagging guns have been covered when not being used?

Do all employees have closed toe and heel shoes on for protection?

IT and Equipment

Is the iPad secure in the office?

All register iPads working properly?

Is the Bluetooth free and clear of items?

Do the store phones work?

Is the IT log book up to date?


Is Loomis picking up the nightly deposits?

Is the Loomis log being filled out?

All deposits being secured in the Loomis safe nightly?

Are the $200.00 tills being secured in the dial safe at closing?

Are the keys to the Loomis safe being kept in the dial safe?

Are the cameras / dvr working properly?

Are two people entering the building together?

Has there been any security breaches? Give details if Yes.

Paper Work Audit

Does the pretty cash with receipts calculate to $100.00?

Has all loose coin or donated money been turned into Regional?

Have all employee purchase logs and refund logs at end of the month been submitted to Regional?

Has the dsr monthly paperwork been organized for end of month pick up?

Is the refund log being filled out completely? With 2 signatures, original receipt attached,customers signature and phone number?

Human Resources

Are there any employees within 90 days of employment?

30/60/80 performance reviews completed and originals turned in?

Is the store manager using the employee logs for all employee's?

Is the manager keeping a communication log book and management signing to acknowledge?

Is the store holding monthly staff meetings?

Did the Regional receive monthly store meeting minutes?

Are the current WComp and 5 for 5 posters displayed in a common area?

Regional Manager:
Store Management: