Review Summary

  • Review summary:

1.Management Responsibility

  • 1. Has the Principal Contractor a copy of the Site-Specific Safety Management Plan available on site (WHS Reg 313)

  • 2. Can the Principal Contractor provide evidence to show that the subcontractor has been informed about the content of the WHS Management Plan and where it is kep

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2. Communication and Consultation

  • The Principal Contractor has established WHS communication and consultation arrangements for the site (WHS Act Part 5)

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3. At the time of the site visit were the any of the following high risk construction work activities observed?

  • The following high risk construction work activities were observed:

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4. Risk Management - SWMS

  • Has Principal Contractor/Sub Contractors provided Safe Work Method Statements (SWMS) for current high risk activities? (WHS Reg 302)

  • Has the Principal Contractor reviewed the SWMS provided by the SubContractors? (WHS Reg 302)

  • Has the Principal Contractor monitored subcontractor compliance with SWMS and Legislation (WHS Reg 300)

  • Has the Principal Contractor established procedures for managing site emergencies (WHS Reg 43 & 74

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5. Are measures in place to manage the risk associated with construction work

  • Dial before you dig

  • Asbestos removal undertaken by a licensed contractor and workers supervised
    (WHS Reg 458 and 462) (How to safely remove asbestos)

  • Site securely fenced to prevent unauthorised access (WHS Reg 298)

  • No electrical work is being done live (CoP low voltage electrical work)

  • Signed confined space entry permits and risk assessments (WHS Reg 67) (CoP confined spaces)

  • Scaffolds fully decked with hand and mid rails in place and kick boards used
    (CoP managing the risk of falls at work places)

  • Scaffold handover and inspection certificates available (WHS reg 225)

  • Edge protection for persons at risk of fall from height (WHS Reg 78)

  • Traffic management plan available and is it being implemented (CoP moving plant on construction sites)

  • Mobile plant being operated, eg. Barricaded areas, plant/people separated, reversing alarms, flashing lights, spotter for work close to overhead/underground power lines/cables (WHS Reg 214 &215)

  • Location of underground services identified and clearly marked, provided to persons engaged to carry out excavations (WHS Reg 304)

  • Items of electrical plant being used on site have current inspection and test tags
    (AS/NZ 3012:2010)

  • Excavations shored and/or benched (WHS Reg 305 & 306)

  • Engineers inspection certificates available for form work (CoP formwork

  • High risk construction work being carried out as described in SWMS (WHS reg 300)

  • Site security fence panels not being used are laid on the ground or secured to prevent them from tipping over

  • Name do Principal Contractor and after hours contact details displayed (WHS reg 308)

  • Signs and barricades in place to prevent unauthorised entry to work areas where explosive powered tools are being used

  • Personal floatations devices worn by persons working near water where ther is a risk of drowning

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6. WHS Training

  • Has Principal Contractor verified site workers WHS General induction for Construction Work qualification (WHS Regs 317 & 318

    Sighted details of site workers WHS General Induction training for construction work card or certificate recorded

  • Has the Principal Contractor provided training and instruction to workers (WHS Reg 39)

    If none of the multiple choice answers chosen, contractors mist demonstrate how training and induction is provided to workers

  • Have the site workers been instructed/trained in the requirements of their PCBU's site specific SWMS (WHS Reg 299)

    Sighted the site workers names. Signatures and dates recorded on SWMS

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7. Inspection, Testing and Servicing

  • Has the Principal Contractor been carrying out documented site safety inspections (SSI)

    Sighted completed site safety inspection records

  • Has the Principal Contractor taken action to correct issues identified in SSI

    Sighted sign off recording that action was taken to correct the safety issues identified

  • Has the Principal .Contractor available for review records of inspections, testing and servicing

8. Observed Safety Breaches

  • Photographs

  • Site observations:

9. WHS Management Plan implementation: Non-conformances / Observations

  • Non-conformances / Observations:

10. Signatures

  • Have you brought the observed safety breaches to the immediate attention of the Principal Contractor site management representative

  • Have you issued a site safety instruction for the observed safety breaches

  • Completed by:

  • Issued to:

  • date and time

  • Response date due:

  • The purpose of the on site review of the implementation of the site specific safety management plan is for the Principal Contractor to demonstrate their site specific safety management plan. The review program for the implementation do the site specific safety management plan must be based on the project risk assessment. Where the project involves a high level of risk for example a reservoir, water/sewerage plant, dam, pipeline, multi-storey construction, work in an area in an occupied area, demolition, asbestos removal, contaminated land, there should be a greater number of reviews As a minimum an on site review of the Principal Contractors implementation do the site specific safety management plan should be carried out within one month do construction work commencing on site and then once every month until completion Ensure a representative from the Principal Contractor with the authority to immediately rectify any breaches participates in the on site review. If possible issue a copy of the on site checklist for reviewing implementation of site specific safety management plan is to be provided to the Principal Contractor immediately following the review. Issue a site instruction with the on site checklist for reviewing site specific safety management plan attached that requires the Principal Contractor to address any non conformance a within 24hrs or for any life threatening risks, immediately. Require the Principal contractor to,provide evidence of both immediate response and the improvements made to their management system to close out the non conformance(s) If it is not possible to issue a written site instruction a No provide a copy of the checklist then a verbal instruction should be given to the Principal Contractor representative on the day of the on site review. The verbal instruction must then be followed up as soon as possible with site instruction, together with a copy of the completed on site checklist for reviewing implementation of site specific safety management plan. The authorised person reviews the Principal Contractors response to the site instruction referring any complex issues to the Project Safety Advisor for advice A copy of the on site checklist for reviewing implementation of site specific safety management plan and a copy of the site instruction that is issued must be forwarded to the Regions Project Safety Adviso.

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