A. General Helideck Information

  • Type

  • Owner

  • Installation/Vessel Identification

  • Previous Report

  • Helideck Operations Manual

B. Helideck Surface

  • Color

  • Condition

  • Non slip characteristics

  • Gutter or raised curb

  • Sufficient Drainage

  • Aircraft tie down points

  • How many?

C. Helideck Dimensions

  • Overall Helideck Size

  • Safe Landing Area

D. Helideck Markings

  • Correct Format?

  • Are other names on deck?

  • Please give details.

  • Perimeter Line

  • Aiming Circle

  • Chevron

  • What is the OFS?

  • "H"

  • Max allowable weight

F. Perimeter Safety Net

  • Material

  • Required 1.5m from deck edge

  • Condition/Securely attached

  • Last drop load test

  • Drop down areas protected

  • Does the deck have Slope

G. Perimeter Lighting

  • Color

  • Height & distance apart

  • Is power connected to emergency power supply?

H. Flood Lighting

  • Position, height & quality

  • Dazzle Protection

  • Switching controlled from Radio Room/HLO

  • Emergency Power Supply

I. Circle 'H' Lighting

  • Meet CAP437 Requirements?

J. Obstruction Marking & Lighting

  • Obstructions

  • Description

  • Cranes

  • Crane Colors

  • Crane Lighting

K. H2S Status Lights

  • Visible from all approach directions

  • Connected to emergency supply/ups

  • Switching controlled by who

L. Obstruction Environment

  • Are there 210 degree sector obstructions?

  • Please provide details.

  • Are there 150 degree sector obstructions?

  • Please provide details.

  • Is there a 5:1 falling gradient for obstructions below the helideck level?

  • Please provide details.

M. Turbulence

  • Structure

  • Hot Emissions

  • Cold Emissions

  • Air gap beneath helideck

  • Prevailing wind

N. Refueling System

  • General comments only

O. Access Points

  • Locations

  • Secondary Exit

  • Handrails

  • Safety Notices

  • Control of Pax

P. Fire Protection

  • Foam Monitors

  • Inspection Date

  • Hand Lines

  • How many

  • Fire Extinguisher

  • Inspection Date

  • Dry Powder

  • CO2

  • Backup DP & CO2

Q. Rescue Equipment

  • Rescue Equipment Box(es) Location

  • Select the items found in the Rescue Equipment Box(es)

  • Is Checklist attached to container?

  • Accessible from all helideck access points?

R. Helideck Landing Officer (HLO)

  • Minimum of 2 on board

  • Knowledge of helicopter operations

  • Knowledge of emergency procedures

  • Training records-OPITO Approved

  • Manifesting software

  • Weighing equipment

  • Dangerous goods officer onboard

  • Appropriate PPE for helideck crew

S. Radio Operations

  • Radio Operator English Level, knowledge of communications, ERP

  • Primary FM Channel

  • Primary VHF Channel

  • NDB

  • What is the frequency?


  • Medic or nurse available

U. Passenger Waiting Area

  • TV available with DVD or VHS

V. Warning Signs

  • Clear Deck Policy

  • Be aware of tail rotor
    (At or near stairway)

  • Emergency use only
    (At emergency exit)

W. Fuel

  • Fuel available

  • Fuel pit location (Clear of obstacles)

  • Sampling procedures

  • System in good working order

  • Water available to wash excess fuel

  • Emergency shutoff near fuel pit

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