Branch Security / Facility

  • Is the key box secured at all times?

  • Are all vehicles on site secured?

  • Is the alarm / CCTV fully operational and in use?

  • Is the car park organised / evidence of a proactive car park plan?


  • Audit 10 tickets and assess for compliance?

  • Is there evidence of ticket auditing by the management team?

  • Are retail balances in line with group policy?

  • Are pended tickets managed in line with group policy?

  • Are call backs being proactively managed and worked daily?

  • Are all U21 rentals in line with group policy?

  • Is ID3 Compliance in line with group process?

  • Are FNOL cards in place and being used proactively?

  • Are employees wearing / using the etool / evaluator


  • Is customer data secured in line with group policy?

  • Is the Health & Safety manual present and up to date?

  • Is there an Ops plan in place and being actively used?

  • Is the branch OX/DX Tracker in place and up to date?

  • Is the branch tracking MTD PD & Uninsured losses?

  • Is the branch compliant on the missing docs report?

  • Is the branch completing an end of day reconciliation on USG daily?

  • Are daily VSA spot checks being completed and filed daily?

  • Have all employees been observed completing boot to boot inspections to the required standards?

  • Does the branch have a sufficient supply of contracts / COC's / Etools and other VSA supplies?

  • Is there evidence employee hours are being managed with regular lunch breaks taken?

  • Is there evidence of an active safe driving policy including a countdown board?

  • Are the Risk BHAG goals posted in branch and are employees aware?

ESQI / Growth

  • Are all employees dressed in line with group policy? (Erac / Agency)

  • Is there evidence of a positive attitude / employee engagement at the branch?

  • Is the counter coach present and giving feedback?

  • Are the branch actively using the SFL with every customer including a robust corporate plan?

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