• Planning

  • Can you locate a copy of the EMS Manual

  • Are all employees and contractors informed about environmental issues related to their work

  • Is adequate training provided

  • Have all tasks/operations involving significant risk been identified

  • Is the risk assessment available

  • Is the site regularly inspected and records maintained

Contractor and Sub-contractor Management

  • Contractor and Sub-contractor Management

  • Have all contractors and sub-contractors been inducted

  • Are all contractors and sub-contractors subject to regular monitoring

Emergency Preparedness

  • Emergency Preparedness

  • Is there an emergency response plan for the site

  • Are munster points well signed

  • Type and number of fire extinguisher adequate

  • Number and type of spill kits adequate

  • Are spill drills regularly conducted

  • Are first aid kits readily available


  • Chemicals

  • Workers trained in the use of hazardous substances

  • All environmentally hazardous materials/substances stored in suitable facilities - i.e. DG Cabinets

  • Storage containers correctly marked

  • MSDS current and available - 16 sections and local emergency contact number.

  • Current chemical inventory available

  • Any chemical decanting done in a safe manner

  • Risk assessment of chemicals ( least hazardous selected)

  • Chemicals stored in bunded area

  • Bunds well maintained

  • Good overall chemical housekeeping

Diesel Storage

  • Diesel infrastructure (tank, piping and pump)

  • Is the site licenses

  • No sign of leaks and spills

  • Are underground pipes wrapped or double walled

  • No sign of pipes and fittings having leaked

  • Are the tank's cradle and footings sound

  • Is the tank and frame free of rust and paint in fair condition

  • Is good assess available to the dip point

  • Can the dipstick be easily removed

  • Is the tank vent in good condition

  • Is the bund of required capacity

  • Diesel bundling in good condition with no cracks and good sealing

  • Is the bund valve in good condition and closed

  • Is the bund clean and free of litter

  • Fuel bowser in good condition

  • Auto shutoff system between trigger and above ground tank

  • Pump contained within its own bund

  • Is the pump protected - bollards or similar

  • Spill Kits readily available, checked and fully stocked

  • Diesel records of bulk deliveries available

  • Are diesel deliveries supervised

Diesel Management ( refuelling)

  • Refuelling

  • Training provided, covering skill kits, system shut-off, emergency response, fire control etc

  • No sign of leaks and spills

  • Are hoses in good condition

  • Have hoses been regularly tested - 6 and 12 months

  • Is an emergency stop button fitted and tested to ensure its working

  • Any sign of pipes and fittings leaked

  • Diesel bundling in good condition with no cracks and good sealing

  • Spill Kits readily available, checked and fully stocked

  • Diesel Records of coach refilling available and reconciliation regularly performed

Wash Pad

  • Wash Pad

  • No hazardous materials stored on wash pad

  • Sumps/pads well maintained - grills in good condition and limited sediment

  • Drains clear

  • Hoses in good condition

  • Good standard of housekeeping

Industrial Wastewater

  • Oily Water Seperator

  • Licenced

  • Separator of adequate capacity

  • Service history as specified available

  • Water sampled as required

  • Containers containing collected oil removed and correctly disposed

  • Area free of litter with good standard of general housekeeping


  • Stormwater

  • Are all stormwater drains clean and marked

  • Are there adequate measures to prevent spill or leaks entering stormwater drains for protected from hazardous materials

  • Are all silt traps/filters in good condition

  • Are silt traps/filters regularly serviced


  • Noise

  • Is a noise plan required for this site

  • No noise complaints have been recieved

  • Are any noise control measures required

Waste Management

  • Waste Management

  • Liquid Waste - Sewage from coaches/trains unloaded with no spills or leaks

  • All hazardous waste segregated for appropriate disposal including contaminated rags, containers etc

  • Hazardous waste container available and correctly labelled

  • Waste segregation is practiced - to the extend that services are available

  • Waste collection points setup, signed and maintained

  • No evidence of bins overflowing

  • Site Free of Litter and no waste stockpiling on site

Incident Reporting

  • Incident Reporting

  • Are all incidents reported

  • Are near misses reported

  • The existing contamination on site is adequately managed


  • Eco efficiency

  • Water efficiency practices introduced

  • Water efficiency technology installed

  • Energy efficiency practices introduced

  • Energy efficiency technology installed

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