• Is there a paper towel holder?

  • Is there a coffee maker?

  • Is there a coffee basket?

  • Is there a silverware tray?

  • Are there 4 small spoons?

  • Are there 4 regular spoons?

  • Are there 4 small forks?

  • Are there 4 regular forks?

  • Are there 4 regular knifes?

  • Is there a can opener?

  • Is there a bottle opener?

  • Is there a peeler?

  • Are there measuring spoons?

  • Is there a cutting board?

  • Is there a small kitchen towel?

  • Is there a regular kitchen towel?

  • Are there 2 pot holder?

  • Are there 3 knifes?

  • Are there 5 kitchen utensils?

  • Are there 3 Pyrex with 3 lids

  • Is there a colander?

  • Is there 2 pans with lids?

  • Is there a toaster?

  • Are there 4 regular glasses?

  • Are there 4 glasses for drinks?

  • Are there 4 coffee cups?

  • Is there a trash can?

  • Are there 3 ornaments on top of the shelf?

Living Room

  • Is there a trash can with 2 separate boxes?

  • Is there a remote control?

  • Are there 2 pillows on top of the couch?


  • Are there 2 foam pillows?

  • Are there 2 feather pillows?

  • Is there a phone?

  • Is there a radio/clock?

  • Are there 10 hangers?

  • Is there a iron?

  • Is there a iron board?


  • Is there a small soap dish?

  • Is there a regular soap dish?

  • Is there a tissue holder?

  • Is there a hair dryer?

  • Is there a hair dryer cover?

  • Is there a we care paper?

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