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Workplace Checklist for COVID-19 Preparedness

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A. Implement a system of Safe Management Measures at Workplace

  • Are there a system of Safe Management Measures established and implemented?

  • Are there a detailed Monitoring Plan to ensure Compliance with Safe Management Measures and Issues are resolved in a timely manner?

  • A Safe Management Officer or Officers (SMO) to assist in the implementation and coordination of the system of Safe Management Measures at the Workplace been appointed?

B. Reduce physical interaction and ensure Safe Distancing at Workplaces

  • Have all employees able to telecommute do so?

  • Has stagger working and break hours to reduce possible congregation of employees at all common spaces been implemented?

  • Split all employees at the workplace premises (i.e not telecommuting) into teams, with each team restricted to one worksite, where applicable?

  • Conduct all meetings between employees and with suppliers/contractors virtually where possible?

  • No activities with close or prolonged contact such as events, activities, social gatherings?

  • Enable vulnerable employees to work from home or redeploying them to another role that is suitable for working from home as far as possible?

  • Minimise need for common physical touchpoints where possible?

  • Are all employees keep a clear physical spacing of at least 1 metre between persons at all times?

  • Are Demarcation of Safe Distance at the workplace premises been implemented?

  • If there is a critical need for physical meetings, are there a limitation for the numbers of attendees and are the duration of the meetings shorthened?

  • Do our Suppliers/Contractors implement similar Safe Distancing Measures while onsite?

  • Are the scheduled deliveries or other physical interactions been staggered and keep the durations as short as possible?

C. Support Contact Tracing Requirements

  • Have all employees at the workplace been encouraged to download and activate the TraceTogether App?

  • Do the workplace have a limited workplace access to only essential employees and authorised visitors?

  • The use of SafeEntry visitor management system to log the entry of all personnel entering the workplace been implemented?

  • Personnel who are unwell been refused entry to the workplace?

D. Require Personal Protective Equipment

  • Are all onsite personnel been equipped with mask or other necessary personal protective equipment at all times, except during activities that require masks to be removed (e.g. mealtimes)?

  • All the masks issued to the employees sufficient?

E. Ensure Cleaning of Workplace Premises

  • Are regular cleaning and maintaining the common spaces and equipment been done?

  • Are Cleaning agents (e.g hand-soap, toilet paper) available at all toilet and hand-wash stations?

  • Are Disinfecting agents (e.g hand sanitisers) available at all human traffic stoppage points within the workplace, such as entrances, reception areas, security booths and lift lobbies?

F. Implement Health Checks and Protocols to manage potential cases of COVID-19

  • Do our employee conduct regular temperature screening and check for respiratory symptoms for all onsite employees at least twice daily?

  • Do our employee submit travel declarations where relevant (eg, Travel History, Quarantine/Isolation Order, Stay-Home Notice, Medical Certificate for respiratory symptoms, not a close contact of confirmed cases)?

  • Have our employee been reminded to visit only one clinic for check-ups?

  • Has an Evacuation Plan for suspected cases, as well as for all other onsite personnel been implemented?

  • Are there a follow-up plan in the event of a confirmed case such as immediately vacate and cordon-off the affected area and carry out a thorough cleaning and disinfect all relevant on-site areas exposed to confirmed cases, in accordance to NEA guidelines?


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