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Group A - Fire Prevention

  • 1. Fire extinguisher locations marked and identified

  • 2. Fire extinguisher locations free of obstructions

  • 3. Oil-soaked waste materials stored in proper containers

  • 4. Liquids (degreasers,solvents) in closed marked containers

  • 5. Parts cleaning tank is labeled

  • 6. Flammable liquid containers stored properly

  • 7. Fuel dispensing equipment / stations free of leaks and bad hoses

  • 8. No smoking / turn off engine signs posted and legible

  • 9. Cutting torch hoses , back flows, in serviceable condition

  • 10. Oxygen, acetylene, and other gasses chained, secured

  • 11. Oxygen is separated from other cylinders by 20' or firewall

Group B - Electrical

  • 1. No frayed , or damaged, or cut insulation on electrical cords

  • 2. Electrical circuit breaker panels free of obstructions/not blocked

  • 3. Electrical circuit breakers marked for location of service

  • 4. Electrical outlet plates and switch covers in place

  • 5. Electrical junction boxes covered

  • 6. GFCI devices tested and operational

  • 7. Extension cords not used in place of permanent wiring

Group C - Slipping & Tripping Hazards

  • 1. Floors free of oil,grease,loose material, slip and trip hazards

  • 2. Floor drains covered with no wide gaps and in good repair

  • 3. Stairway clear and handrails secured

  • 4. Passageways/hallways clear with proper lighting

  • 5. Outdoor walking, parking, break areas free of hazards

  • 6. Anti Slip mats used where appropriate at building entrances

Group D - Equipment

  • 1. Materials stored indoors neatly stacked or secured if standing

  • 2. Chain hoist in serviceable condition; safety clip in place on hook

  • 3. Hoists, floor jacks, lifts marked for capacity and inspected

  • 4. Vehicle lift covers in place when not in use

  • 5. Guards in place on grinders/rotating and exposed parts

  • 6. Portable ladders in good repair with non skid footpads

  • 7. No broken handles on tools, ie. shovels,hammers,sledges, etc

Group E - Personal Health

  • 1. Eye wash stations free from blockage and in working condition

  • 2. Ceiling panels, walls are not dis colored or missing

  • 3. Industrial waste in properly marked containers

  • 4. No runoff from salt storage

  • 5. Exhaust hoses/fans are operational in mechanics area

  • 6. Material Safety Data Sheets are accessible to all employees

  • 7. Restrooms are clean and in good working order

  • 8. AED functioning properly

Group F - Building

  • 1. Overhead doors in serviceable condition and operating properly

  • 2. Exits marked with clearly visible signs and free of obstructions

  • 3. General garage lighting adequate for conditions

  • 4. General garage ventilation system in operable condition

  • 5. Loft storage areas marked for load capacity and guarded

  • 6. Emergency evacuation/tornado shelter locations posted

Group G - Other Findings

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