Fire Safety Management

  • Evacuation routes are prominently displayed?

  • External exit doors can be opened from the inside without a key?

  • Emergency and Lockdown instructions displayed

  • Doorways, walkways and evacuation exits are kept clear and at least 600mm wide?

  • EXIT signs are in the "Running Man" format?

  • Fire Extinguishers/Fire Hoses are easily accessible in an emergency

  • Fire Equipment has been tested within the last 6 months

  • An adequate number of Fire Blankets are available, properly installed with appropriate signage.

Kitchen Area

  • Area is clean and tidy.

  • There is sufficient space for each person to work safely.

  • Floor spaces are maintained in a safe condition and are they suitable for the type of activities being conducted.

  • Walls and ceilings are in safe and good condition.

  • Doors, windows, locks and latches are in good condition and in working order.

  • There is adequate ventilation.

  • The lighting is adequate to work safely in.

  • Temperature is at a comfortable level

Kitchen Equipment

  • Safe operating procedures are displayed for all potentially high risk equipment.

  • Appropriate personal protective equipment is available and in good condition eg aprons, gloves etc

  • All cutting devices or sharp knives are stored safely

  • Potentially hot surfaces have adequate warning signs

  • Non slip mats are in place where there are likely to be frequent liquid spills


  • Washing facilities are available with adequate signage reminding students to wash hands

  • Knives and cutting boards are colour coded to avoid cross contamination

  • Personal hygiene rules and reminders are evident

  • Food hygiene standards are readily available

  • Clean aprons are available and used

  • Is there a thermometer alarm set up in the freezer?

  • Are temperature records regularly kept and visible?

  • Are freezers and fridges cleaned and defrosted regularly?


  • Flammable material is stored in a safe manner.

  • Free standing shelves/cupboards are secured to a wall to ensure stability.

  • Storage methods are used that will eliminate or minimise accidents (heavy objects stored between mid-thigh and shoulder height).

Hazardous Substances

  • Current (within 5 years) material safety data sheets are readily available for hazardous substances.

  • Hazardous substances are stored and labelled appropriately.

  • There are NO unmarked spray bottles?


  • Electrical equipment has been tested and tagged within past 12 months.

  • Power boards are not overloaded and no use of double adaptors.

  • All areas have Residual Current Device protection.


  • No signs of vermin have been identified.

  • All shelves and work areas are kept clean to avoid attracting vermin

  • Sink areas are clean and in good working order (I.e. No leaks) where required.

  • No major noise hazards evident.

  • A First Aid kit is available and adequately stocked

  • Signage to the first aid kit is visible from all areas of the room

  • Hospitality Area meets required standard

  • General Comments

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