Management Responsibilities:

  • Effective Management Oversight?
    ▪️Manager or nominated deputy on duty. Deputies made aware of their responsibilities (clearly defined and documented).
    ▪️Roles and Responsibilities document must include individual accountabilities regarding Safety and Quality.

  • Engagement?
    ▪️All relevant safety and airworthiness information communicated to staff.
    ▪Presentation facility must be suitable and briefs delivered at satisfactory frequencies.
    ▪Monthly Quality forums.

  • Staff Performance?
    ▪️Positive and negative performance recognised and recorded.
    ▪️Management promoting positive safety behaviours.

Airworthiness Risk:

  • Read and Sign Compliance?
    ▪️All staff within 14 day limit.
    ▪️All managers registered in the line manager's briefing folder.

    2% of establishment over 14 days = Partial Compliant
    5% of establishment over 14 days = Non Compliant

  • Licence expiry and continuation training?
    ▪Results from a sample of 10% of establishment.

    No issues from sample = Compliant.
    Issues with <50% of sample = Partial.
    Issues with >50% of sample = Non-Compliant.

  • CAMS NCs / GORs?
    ▪️Verification of actions and their ongoing suitability to prevent recurrence.

    No issues from sample = Compliant.
    Issues with <50% of sample = Partial.
    Issues with >50% of sample = Non-Compliant.

  • Succession planning within the area?
    ▪Development tracker for staff to achieve the key skills.
    ▪️Integration plan for new starters, detailing progression of modules completed and career ambitions.
    ▪️1-1 career development discussions.
    ▪️Management of change risk assessment.

  • Load vs Capacity management?
    ▪Management of sickness, leave and training (short and long term).
    ▪️Resource managed effectively.

  • Shift Handovers?
    ▪️Suitable and sufficient.

  • Housekeeping Standards?
    ▪️Tools and equipment stored in designated areas.
    ▪️️Spares segregated and protected.
    ▪Chemicals stored in flammable cabinets.
    ▪️Unobstructed floor areas.
    ▪️Acceptable level of cleanliness.
    ▪️Control of Unauthorised access.

1-1 Competency Assessment

  • Average score from last quarter's assessments, plus summary of areas for development.

    0-69% - Non Compliant
    70-79% - Partial Compliant
    80-100% - Compliant

Tool Control

  • Sample x3 Personal / Zonal tools.

    All acceptable - Compliant
    1-2 acceptable - Partial Compliant
    None acceptable - Non Compliant

Review of a Maintenance Task

    Sample 1-3 Tasks.
  • Maintenance task description:

  • Documentation:
    ▪️Correct maintenance documentation to latest revision.
    ▪️Tech Log entries/work cards/sheets suitably staged.
    ▪️Progressively certified.

  • Airworthiness:
    ▪️Task within the scope of the Engineer's authorisation or under adequate supervison.

  • Process:
    ▪️Specific risks mitigated using appropriate control measures.
    ▪️Adherence to warnings and cautions.
    ▪️Correct tooling and equipment.
    ▪️️Correct spares and consumables.
    ▪️Necessary paperwork completed and transacted.

Occupational Safety Risks:

  • Risk Management?
    ▪️️Assessments for 'top risks' or foundation risk assessments. (HS-A1-WI.2)
    ▪️Risk identified and sufficient control measures put in place.
    ▪️Colleagues aware of and adhering to controls measures.

  • Monthly Workplace Inspections?
    ▪Identification of deficiencies together with timely resolution.
    ▪️Use of latest template IAW HS-A1-WI.3.
    ▪️Senior Manager attendance every quarter.

  • Quarterly Area Self Audits (ASA) / Product Samples?
    ▪️Suitable and sufficient template.
    ▪Identification of deficiencies together with timely resolution.

  • Work Equipment?
    ▪️️Suitable and maintained (PUWER HS-A3 / LOLER HS-A12).
    ▪️Visible, in date serviceable tags.
    ▪where necessary, carry out pre user check.
    ▪PAT labels in date on appropriate equipment.

  • PPE?
    ▪️Appropriate for the task and IAW HS-A7-WI.1.

  • COSHH (x3 Samples)?
    ▪Chemicals/task listed on the SYPOL site, controls adhered to and reviews in date (Control of Substances Hazardous to Health COSHH HS-A21).
    ▪️Adequate SYPOL key editors.

  • First Aid Arrangements?
    ▪️Based on risk assessment, suitable and sufficient first aiders to be in place (HS-A11).
    ▪️Suitable arrangements, first aid kits, eye wash stations and signage.

Positive Findings/Comments:

Negative Findings/Comments:

Previous Audit findings?

  • Previous findings closed and a suitable improvement plan in place.

Additional findings?

  • Additional findings which require a follow up with Part M/Support areas. (Raise finding as GOR/CAMS/eLog or notify business partner)

Quality Engineer:

Area Manager:

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