Emergency Response

  • Is there a written Emergency Response plan posted onsite?

  • Are employees informed of the contents of the plan and where it is posted?

  • Does the plan include actions for medical emergencies?

  • Does the plan include what notification systems will be used?

  • Does the plan include actions for chemical spills?

  • Does the plan specify evacuation routes and assembly points?


  • Adequate number and types of toilets and hand washing facilities available and clean?

  • Projects over $1M require flushing toilets.

  • Projecting nails or screws bent over or removed?

  • Walkways and passages clear to walk?

  • Rebar ends, form stakes or bolts protruding from slabs protected by caps, 2x4, or access blocked?

Personal Protective Equipment

  • Employees wearing safety glasses when required?

  • Employees wearing hard hats?

  • Employees wearing gloves when exposed to cut/chemical hazards?

  • Hearing / Respiratory Protection worn by employees when required?


  • GFCI protection in use on all temporary power sources?

  • Electrical panels and devices labeled and secured?

  • Extension cords in good condition?

Hand and Power Tools

  • Power Tools free from damage (switches, cords, and guards)?

  • Hand tools free from damage ( shaft, head, splinters, etc.)?

  • PAT operator have training card available for review.


  • Have utilities been located and protected?

  • Adequately sloped or shored if below 5' in depth?

  • Means of egress every 25 feet?

  • Spoil pile and equipment back at least 2 feet from edge?

  • Water being pumped out if present?

  • Documented daily inspection available for review?

Fall Protection

  • Slip/trip hazards removed?

  • Is there a written fall protection plan available onsite?

  • Are employees using PFAS trained?

  • Employees using anchor capable of supporting 5,000 lbs?

  • Elevated work levels have guardrails or cables at 21" and 42"?

  • Employees working above 6 feet using fall protection?

  • All holes covered and labeled?

Hazard Communication

  • Is there a list of chemicals on the jobsite available?

  • Is this list updated each time new chemicals are brought onsite?

  • Are SDS made available to employees using the chemicals?

  • Are employees trained concerning the Hazard Communication program?

Fire Protection

  • Only DOT approved containers used for fuel?

  • Flammable materials removed from job site properly?

  • Adequate number of fire extinguishers in place?


  • Do ladders have required safety information stickers?

  • Are ladders set up on firm, level location or a means of keeping ladders stable in use?

  • Do extension or job built ladders extend 36 inches above laning?

  • Are spreader bars locked on step ladders?

Powered Industrial Equipment

  • All equipment have ROPS installed?

  • Are daily/pre-use inspections conducted?

  • Are inspections reviewed by supervisors?

  • Back up alarm working on on equipment?

  • Operator wearing seatbelt?

  • Operator have training card available (forklift), or is there documentation of training?

  • Employees wearing fall protection when using aerial lift?


  • Is there a lift plan available onsite?

  • Do slings and lifting gear (spreader bars, etc.) have legible labels showing their capacity?

  • Does crane have annual inspection available for review?

  • Does operator have training card available for review?

  • Does operator have daily/weekly inspection available for review?

  • Is swing radius of crane barricaded?

  • Are outriggers in use (if equipped and needed)?


  • Mudsill, base plate, and Screwjack in place?

  • Guardrails, Midrails and Toeboards installed?

  • Ladder access provided for employees on all working levels?

  • Rolling scaffold wheels locked?

Hot Work

  • Fire extinguisher available and inspected?

  • Flashback arresters in place on torch heads?

  • Gas cylinders separated when not in use?


  • All items marked "No" will be corrected promptly.

  • Superintendent/Foreman signature

  • Safety Manager signature

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