Machine Guarding Program

  • Is a Guarding process in place for all department?

  • Are regular Guarding audits conducted?

  • Has a Guarding emphasis committee been established for the facility?

  • Does the audit process include a method for prioritizing Guarding hazards?

  • Are maintenance work orders utilized to correct Guarding deficiencies in a timely manner?

Material Storage

  • Are standardized coil storage procedures established and utilized in the facility?

  • Are there no discrepancies in coil storage application?

  • Warehouse materials are stored in an orderly manner?

  • Rack systems are in good condition, secured to the floor, and have posted weight capacity ratings.

  • Finished materials are stored in an organized and safe manner.

  • Material handling systems, being utilized to transfer or move material, have established procedures and employees are trained on these procedures?

Cranes and lifting devices

  • Daily pre-shift inspections are completed by plant personnel?

  • Comprehensive monthly inspections are completed and documented?

  • Lifting device (lifting belts, coil hooks, coil caddies, spreader bars, and chains) monthly inspections are documented in detail and filed for reference as needed.

  • Bi-annual die penetrant or magna flux inspections of critical welds are completed, documented, and filed for reference.

Electrical Safety

  • The facility has competent, qualified electricians on staff.

  • Electrical Arc Flash PPE, rated voltage tools, and rescue equipment is available and in good condition.

  • Electrical panels are labeled with current Program Arc Flash labels.

  • Electrical panel has identification labels for panel or breaker function and voltage rating.

  • There is adequate clearance in front of electrical panel or breaker disconnects.

Confined Space

  • Facility confined space areas are identified and have specific identification labeling.

  • A confined space listing has been completed and documented on the NCI confined space register.

  • All confined space areas identified on the register have an individual documented hazard analysis completed and on file.

  • Confined space training is current?

  • Confined space entry, rescue, and monitoring equipment is available and utilized a required by the hazard assessment?

  • Management oversight is provided for the confined space program.

Hand and finger safety

  • The correct PPE is being utilized to help prevent hand and finger injuries?

  • Employees are aware of the "Line of Fire" safety concept to prevent injuries?

  • Production processes are designed in a manner where there are no exposure to employees from Line of Fire. (If no, please list in notes)

Reporting of incidents and injuries

  • Employees understand their responsibility of reporting all near hits, injuries, and property damage events?

  • Reported incidents are investigated timely and completed within 5 working days of the event occurrence?

  • The are no open incident reports for the facility as of this date?

  • The first aid area has a log for employees to input data entries on any first aid supplies which are use?

  • First responders are in place and training is current?

BBS/Safety Conversation Program

  • The facility has an active BBS program?

  • Employees conduct and document Safety Conversations?

  • A BBS coordinator has been established at the facility?

  • Training on BBS has been conducted for team leaders?

  • Training on BBS has been conducted for departmental employees?

NCI Fleet Safety Program

  • NCI Fleet drivers are home based and utilized from the facility?

  • The NCI Fleet safety program is utilized for the Fleet drivers?

  • Monthly safety topics are provided for the Fleet drivers and signed acknowledgment forms are turned in as proof of review?

  • Quarterly Fleet driver meetings are held at the plant?

Trailer fall prevention

  • Fall prevention methods are provided to team members who work on trailer elevated surfaces?

  • Has a Hazard analysis been completed on trailer fall procedures to determine risk?

  • Methods to prevent falls from trailers are in process.

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