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  • Load rating

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  • Handover description

Scaffold vicinity

  • Sufficient public protection been provided?



  • Are there sufficient sole plates?

  • Sole plates of suitable material and in a serviceable condition

  • Sole plates/ base plates secure and centered?

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Scaffold Structure

  • Was scaffold structure erected, dismantled or altered in this handover

  • Standards bearing firmly?

  • Standards plumb (or as designed)?

  • Ledgers level (or as designed)?

  • Ledgers continuous (or as designed)?

  • Lift heights correct?

  • Ledgers correctly secured?

  • Is the bracing to plan specifications.

  • Have all ends been braced with end bracing

  • Are all braces continues from ground to no greater than 500mm below top working platform.

  • Have handrails been installed?

  • Are there any falls from heights that has not been delineated and access blocked

  • Add media


  • Has any platform or deck been installed or dismantled in this handover?

  • Scaffold have the required number of working platforms?

  • Working platforms at the required locations?

  • Catch platforms correctly positioned?

  • Platforms and supporting scaffold constructed for the appropriate duty live loads?

  • Adequate edge protection?

  • Platforms correctly constructed?

  • Planks secured against wind?

  • IS there a deck level within 300mm of either top or bottom slab edges.

  • Have all required kick boards been installed around the perimeter?

  • Are all kick boards secured by mechanical means as primary and secured with zip ties as secondary where required.

  • have all internal kickboards been installed where there are no hop-ups, an internal handrail and there is access to the scaffold.

  • Do all stop end have kick boards

  • have all required hop ups been installed

  • have all required hop ups been installed with a tie bar

  • has any hop up not installed with a tie bar been strapped back to the scaffold (NOT USING ZIP TIES OR TIE WIRE)

  • At any accessible point s there no gaps greater than 225mm in the scaffold

  • Do all laps have a minimum of 300mm overlap onto excising decks

  • Do all lap boards outside of standards, such as on hop ups or top decks, have suitable strapping or cleating back to prevent being kicked off the scaffold.

  • Add media

Containment sheeting

  • Dose the scaffold in question required containment

  • Has the scaffold been designed for wind loading on any containment sheeting?

  • Any rips or tears?

  • Overlap joints satisfactory?

  • has the prescribed lining been installed to provided no less than 2m of containment from the highest point of works to be completed by others during this handover.

  • has the prescribed lining provided containment to all accessible areas with no gaps greater than 25mm

  • Add media

Access and Egress

  • Dose the scaffold have Access and egress

  • Access and egress to working platforms?

  • Temporary stairways correctly installed?

  • Portable ladders of an industrial grade, serviceable and correctly installed?

  • Access ways and access platforms correctly installed?

  • Has the access been fixed fix a Scoff Tag

  • Has the scaff tag been filled out

  • Add media

General fitness for purpose

  • Clearances between the scaffold and adjacent structures correct

  • Adequate protection from falling debris?

  • Scaffold been adequately designed to support to all attachments?

  • Have all decks been cleared from any loose items

  • Has all not in use scaffolded items been stacked and stored correctly out of way from others works

  • Has all lacing been supplied at no greater that 2meter increments.

  • Add media


  • Dose this handover cover any loading bays

  • Are loading bays braced as per plans specification

  • Are loading bays signed with correct load rating as per plan

Tie registrar

  • Have ties been required, installed or removed in this Handover

  • Tie registrar

  • 100% ties tensioned?

  • Ties tensioned to manufacturer specifications?

  • Ties correctly positioned and fixed?

  • Ties fixed as per Australian Standards or engineers specifications?

  • Have ties been installed to the first node point within 2m of the top level of the containment.

  • Dose the plan request that the ties pick up both internal and external standards

  • Has any 3 board bay with 3 board hop up been installed with a tie every standard

  • Do all ties have safety checks affixed

  • Are all ties installed in a manner that is free from a trip hazard and or blocking access

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  • RB representative signed

  • Client Representatives Name

  • Signed customer representive

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  • Relating Carbon Copy Handover Number

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