Project Staff and Responsibilities

  • List Project Staff

  • Who created the master schedule?

  • Who creates look ahead schedules?

  • Who handles the submittal process from our office?

  • Who approves the monthly payment applications?

  • How many of the aforementioned individuals are involved in the regular schedule updates?

Project Requirements

  • Is this a BIM, LEED, or a LEAN project?

  • Does the project specification or our contract have any special schedule requirements?

  • Will our schedule be subject to reviews by a scheduling consultant?

  • How often are we required to present schedule to the owner? Have we met this obligation?

  • Is the schedule included in CM reports? How often?

  • Is the schedule report included in all OAC meetings?

  • Does the team present the same schedule to all entities (owner, subcontractors, designer, etc)?

Schedule Assessment - Office Management

Schedule Awareness "Planning The Work"

  • Schedule milestones are posted in office and/or conference room?

  • Does a CPM schedule exist?

  • Is project design complete?

  • Was a CPM schedule included in Bid Packages?

  • Has all work scope been bid and awarded?

  • Which schedule software is the team using?

  • Are we responsible for owner directs and FF&E items?

  • Will the systems be commissioned on this project? Who is Cx Authority?

CPM Schedule Content

  • Is the design process included in CPM schedule as a critical path activity?

  • Is the bidding process included in the CPM schedule as a critical path activity?

  • Is the schedule resource and/or cost loaded?

  • Is the CPM schedule well organized?

  • Is schedule sortable by individual trades?

  • Does schedule include pre-construction activities? (design, BIM, mat'l procurement, etc)

  • Does the CPM schedule include owner directs and FF&E?

  • Does the schedule include activities for all entities that could affect completion?

  • Does the schedule include Cx Authorities activities and our subcontractors start ups, functional tests, etc?

CPM Schedule Updates

  • How often is the CPM schedule updated?

  • Is the schedule up-to-date?

  • Does the data date on the current schedule reflect the last update?

  • Is final completion date evident in the CPM schedule?

  • Does cash flow align with work in place? How is this tracked?

Scheduling Meetings - Office Staff

  • Does our project team to do internal schedule audits.

  • Does team use look ahead schedules?

  • Is the schedule presented in weekly meetings? Which schedule (CPM or look ahead)?

  • Does the look ahead schedule align with CPM schedule?

Schedule Assessment - Site Management

Schedule Awareness "Working The Plan"

  • Does construction progress align with look ahead schedule?

  • Does construction progress align with CPM schedule?

  • What are the major milestones for this week?

  • How many subcontractors will be onsite this week?

  • How many tradesmen will be onsite this week?

  • How are we tracking material delivery dates?

  • How are we tracking the RFI process and timing of responses?

Schedule Updates

  • Have we encountered or do we anticipate any significant delays?

  • Do we anticipate any weather delays in the coming weeks?

  • Do we have a plan to mitigate weather delays?

  • Has material procurement been a problem or caused delays?

  • Have RFI's and/or field supported delayed progress?

  • Have we encountered any issues recently that have caused a change in schedule logic?

  • Has the CPM schedule been adjusted to reflect delays or logic changes?

Scheduling Meetings - Field Staff

  • How do you and your foreman coordinate outside of our weekly coordination meeting?

  • Do your foreman use our schedules to plan their work?

Review Best Practices and Score Card

  • Did the team fill out the schedule score card prior to this visit?

  • Does the team have a copy of TCC Planning and Scheduling Best Practices on site?

  • Is the team familiar with standard schedule formats located in the P:drive?


Corrective Actions

Summary and Follow-up

  • Tentatively Schedule Next Visit

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