• Conducted on:

  • Auditor

  • Are you the regular driver



  • Air Conditioner

  • Door Locks working

  • Seatbelts in good condition

  • Is the cab free from debris that can interfer with pedals and control levers

  • Interior Lights working

  • No Warning Lights turned on

  • Fire extinguisher

  • Are all the windows clean



  • Brushes and bottom suction tube in good condition?

  • Windows and windshield in good condition

  • Windshield wipers working

  • Headlights functional

  • Turn signals working

  • Tail Lights & Brake Lights

  • Hand brake in good condition

  • Foot brakes in good condition

  • Tires in good condition

  • Tyre pressure correct for job type

  • Horn working

  • No fuel leaks

  • Mirrors set correctly

  • Wheels fitted securely and good condition

  • Any new damages to be documented

  • Additional comments/observation

  • Observation
  • Add observations/comments here.

Engine bay

Engine bay

  • Oil level good

  • Hydraulic oil level good

  • Coolant level good

  • Screen wash level good

  • Is the air filter clean

  • Does the EP00 grease tub have grease inside?

  • Are the 2 water tanks in good condition and not leaking?

  • Is the top section of the suction tube undamaged and free from debris?


  • I hereby certify that all information is accurate and the actual inspection was conducted

  • Auditors printed name and signiture

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