Previous Inspections

  • Has previous inspection been reviewed?

Fire and Food Safety Reports

  • Date of last Fire Safety Inspection

  • Date of last Food Safety Inspection

General Sanitation

  • Is the facility free of general sanitation issues?


  • Is the lighting survey within minimum standards?

  • Are classrooms and work areas free of glare or shadows?

Temperature and Ventilation

  • Is the ambient temperature acceptable in classrooms and work rooms?

  • Temperature Readings

  • Is there adequate ventilation in classrooms and work rooms?

Chemical Safety

  • Are potentially hazardous chemicals accessible only to authorized personnel?

  • Are MSDS sheets available for chemicals used in the facility?

Pest Control

  • Is the building is free of signs of insect & rodent infestation?

  • Are exterior doors solid with sweeps to prevent pest entry?

  • Are exterior windows are screened to prevent pest entry?

  • Are exterior trash areas kept clean and free of potential pest harborage conditions?

Building and Grounds

  • Is the building/grounds free of litter buildup

  • Is the building/grounds free of standing water?

  • Is the building free of cracks in walls/doors?

  • Is the building free of other structural issues?

  • Is the playground equipment in good condition?

  • Is the playground free of environmental hazards?

Custodial Staff

  • Is staff trained upon hire?

  • Is there ongoing training?

  • Does staff have access to new information?

Water and Sewage

  • Is the facility on public water?

  • Is the facility on public sewer or a state permitted on site system?

  • Does the facility have working toilets?

  • Does the facility have hot and cold running water?

  • Water Temperatures

  • Are the hand sinks provided with soap?

  • Do the hand sinks have provisions for hand drying?

  • Additional Comments

  • KSA 65-202 requires inspection of of "each school building and grounds" annually by the local health officer or designated alternate "for protection of the public health of students of the school."

  • Received by

  • Inspector

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