• Is all required documentation present and updated?

  • Emergency Response

  • Fire Safety Plan

  • Asbestos Log

  • Lead Flushing and Testing Log

  • Electrical Log

  • Water Testing (for rural schools)

Emergency Response

  • Is the AED functioning and checked regularly?

  • Are Emergency Response duotangs in all rooms?

  • Are blood kits in every room and updated?

  • Are black-out materials available and functioning to prevent exterior lines of site?

  • Is there a functioning phone/intercom in the room?

Fire Safety

  • Are the fire extinguishers present in all rooms and inspected regularly?

  • Are fire exits clearly posted and at the appropriate height?

  • Are the doors/walls free of fire bridges?

  • Are heaters/radiators free from obstruction?


  • Areas are tidy and exits are free of obstructions?

  • Are tall bookshelves/filing cabinets secured?

  • Are bulky/heavy items stored on lower shelves?

  • Are shelves overloaded?

  • Is the lighting adequate and in good repair?

  • Are ceilings, walls, windows, screens, floor tiles and rugs in good repair?

  • Is equipment stored to prevent trips/cuts/personal injury?

  • Are overhead media, curtains, and blinds securely fastened?


  • Is all equipment CSA, ULC, or Hydro approved?

  • Are all electrical cords grounded properly and in good repair?

  • Are extension cords used properly?

  • Are cords secured to prevent a tripping hazard?

  • Is there 1 m clearance around electrical panels?


  • Is all equipment in good repair and guarded properly when needed?

  • Are CSA approved ladders available to reach high places?

  • Are ladders stored securely when not in use?

  • Are weekly inspection logs up to date.

  • Are gas cylinders secured safely?

  • Are hoist inspections stickers current?


  • Is PPE available and being worn when appropriate?


  • Are all chemicals labelled and stored properly?

  • Are MSDS available and current (not older than three years)?

Emergency Equipment

  • Are eye wash stations and safety showers functioning and flushed weekly?

  • Are emergency electrical and gas shut-offs clearly identified?


  • Is the area free from slip, trip, and fall hazards?

  • Is the equipment free of entrapment points?

  • Are fasteners/brackets secure and in good condition?

  • Is the structure stable?

  • Are seats/slides in good condition?


  • Do basketball nets/backboards have a blue inspection sticker?

  • Are inspection records for cranked basketball nets available and up to date?

  • Are mats/padding in good condition?

  • Are cables for weight machines in good condition and inspection records available?

  • Are ceiling fans secured with a safety chain?


  • Are overhead lights secured with a safety chain?

  • Is equipment stored to prevent personal injury?


  • Is the area secure when not occupied?

  • Are lawn mowers, snow blowers, and their fuel stored in an outside bunker?

  • Are batteries for custodial equipment charged in an area with adequate ventilation and access to an eye wash?


  • Are there any ergonomic issues with any work stations?


  • Are there insulated pipes or 9" floor tiles?

  • Are there any signs of damage or the potential for friable fibres?


  • Is there any other hazard that poses a safety risk?

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