Jobsite Inspection Part 1

1. Answer each item as "Safe", "Unsafe", "N/A".
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Freq/reg safety inspections

JHA submitted each trade

GHS manual

OSHA posters/OSHA 300 log

Safety manual

Safety meetings

1st aid kit

1st aid/CPR on site

Map to medical facility

Emergency action plan

Emergency numbers posted

Trauma bag

State/Fed posters (Eng/Sp)

Visitor PPE available

Visitor Sign-In Form

Confined Space

Confined space operations being performed?

Atmospheric conditions

Comm/secure area/signage

Electrical/fire prevention

Entry super/monitor/entrant

Harness/extraction equip

Is permit required

Regular insp/air monitor

Rescue plan/emerg #'s/map

Respiratory equipment

Sfty person/rescue equip/PPE

Training documentation


Cranes and Hoisting Equipment

Are/Is Cranes and/or Hoiting Equipment being Used?

Annual inspection current

Anti two block device

Boom angle indicator

Cert or verify training

Crane supported and level

Daily inspections current

Dist power lines/de-ener

Fire extinguisher in crane

Flagman identified

Lift plan on file

Load chart posted

Loads properly secured

Means of communication

Operator appears competent

Operator manual in crane

Outrig extend/cribbing

Rig insp/rated/rated

Safety latches used

Swing radius barricaded

Tag lines used

Weight of load verified


Adequate lighting

Cords in good condition

Cords protected from traffic

Elect hot work procedures

Electrical room protected

Energized parts protected

GFCI's used

LO/TO procedures

Proper use temp pwr bxs

Signage present


Silica Control Plan In Place & Controls Being Followed

Concrete Cut Wet & /Or Vacuumed

Containers labeled

Haz material properly stored

Nuisance dust

Spill containment adequate & wash out


Access with 25'

Competent person present

Daily inspections doc

Excav> 20' engineered

One call system used

Perimeter prot/barricade

Sloped, benched, or shored

Spoil 2' from edge

Surface encumbrances

Surface traffic exposure

Water entering excavation

Fall Protection

Ext/int guardrails

Fall protection at 6'

Fall protection plan (subs)

Floor/wall opening protected

Flr covrs adeq,secure,label

Proper anchorage points

Roof edge protected

Safety harness and lanyard

Stair/ramp/walkway prot

Fire Protection

Emergency vehicle access

Ext charged and inspected

Fire watch when applicable/Hot work permit

Proper fuel containers used

Hand and Power Tools

Cord in good condition

Ground prong in place

Guards in place

Information label on tool

Proper tool for the job

Tool in good condition

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Jobsite Inspection Part 2

High Hazard Programs

Confined space program

Crane & lift program

Electrical hot work program

Electrical LO/TO program

SWPP program

Excavation & trancing program

Fire protection program

Traffic control program

Welding cutting program


Clear access to bldg./site

Impalement protection

Proper material storage

Roadway around proj clear/clean

Slip, trip, fall hazards

Trash in protected cont

Walkways clear

Ladders / Stairs

3' above landing

Clear of debris/materials

Extension ladder 4:1 pitch

Inspected for defects

Job-blt ldrs const properly

Job-built ladders secured

Landings and treads filled

Proper use of ladder

Safe work dist from hazd

Slip trip exposure elim

Stairs illuminated

Motorized Equipment

Back up alarm functioning

Flagman used if applicable

Glass free of obstructions

Horn Functioning

Operator appears competent/license

Seat belts used

Training docs available


Glasses / face shields

Hard hats

Hearing protection

Hi visible construction vest

Metatarsal protection

Proper clothing


Work boots


Bracing and pins in place

Compatible components used

Competent person present

Guardrails in place @ 6'

Inspected daily

Planking / toe boards

Prop secured to structure

Proper access to platforms

Proper loading of materials

Safe work distances

Sills, plates, jacks installed

Surface in safe condition

Scissor / Arial lifts

Equipment loaded properly

Gate or chain secured

Harness while in boom lifts

Noting to increase height

Operating on flat surface

Operator training

Safe work distances

Surface free of holes

Site / Public Protection

Adequate lighting

Barricades installed properly

Company rep present

Excavations protected

Falling object protection

Perimeter fences

Public protection signage

Security system in place

Street closure identified

Traffic control plan

Welding / Cutting

Bottles upright/ cap/ secured/ separated

Fire ext present

Flash arrest on torches

Flash protection available

Gauges working properly

Leads in good condition

Prop PPE in use

Torch hoses good cond

Weld machine ventilated

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Reviewed with: