• Is the Weekly Equipment Inspection Log present and up-to-date?

  • Is there a Lock-Out board with all locks accounted for?


  • Is the appropriate PPE being worn if required?

  • CSA Approved Footwear

  • Safety Glasses/Safety Goggles

  • Welding Mask

  • Hearing Protection

  • Apron

  • Gloves


  • Is the area clear from obstacles that would pose slip, trip and fall hazards?

  • Are Fire Exits clear of obstructions?

  • Is the lighting adequate?


  • Are Emergency Electrical Shut-Offs clearly labelled?

  • Are Gas Shut-Offs clearly labelled?

  • Is an eye wash present?

  • Is it capable of flushing both eyes at the same time for 15 minutes with lukewarm water?

  • Are there records to verify weekly flushing?

Electrical Safety

  • Is all electrical equipment CSA/ULA/Hydro approved?

  • Are the cords grounded properly?

  • Are the cords free from wear?

  • Is there 1m clearance around electrical panels?

Chemical Safety

  • Are all chemicals labelled appropriately?

  • Are current MSDS (under 3 years old) available?

  • Are flammable items stored in a proper Flammable Cabinet?


  • Is the equipment in good condition and properly guarded?


  • Are the gases secured on the cart?

  • Are the valves turned off when not in use?

  • Are gases secured against the wall when not on a cart?

  • Is oxygen stored 5' away from other gases and secured to the wall?

Grinders/Drill Presses

  • Is the area clean from metal dust that could start a Class D fire?


  • Is the Emergency Stop System functioning?


  • Does the teacher hold a valid trade certificate if working on plated vehicles?

  • Do the hoists (car, engine, floor jacks) have current inspections stickers?

  • Is there an apron available for the battery charging station?

  • Does the parts washer use non-volatile cleaning solvents and have a fusible arm?

  • Are Waste Oil Drums closed and stored on a spill containment system?


  • Is the dust extraction system functioning?

  • Is there a limited amount of sawdust stored?

  • Are there only water-based liquids present (oils/stains)?


  • Are the welding screens in good condition?

Science Classroom

  • Does the ventilation system work?

  • Does the fumehood work?

  • Does the fumehood have adequate work space and is not being used for storage?

  • Does the room have an eyewash station?

  • Is there any food or drink present?


  • Are fridges secured to prevent tipping?

  • Are appropriate food storage containers being used?

  • Are knives stored securely?

  • No restricted chemicals (i.e. oven cleaner, bleach) are present.

  • Does the range hood function properly?


  • Is there a properly guarded and vented kiln?

  • Is there area free from clay dust? Has it been cleaned using a wet method?


  • Are there any other issues that pose a safety concern?

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