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Routine Checklist

Security & Facility Inspections ( 30marks)

  • Security Tools/Equipments/Devices Functional ( e.g Gate Remotes, Clocking devices, Chargers, Walkie-Talkie etc )

  • Main Gates/Gatepass

  • Security/Sensor Alarm functioning properly

  • Surveillance CCTV functioning properly ( e.g monitors, clear picture, camera position )

  • Exterior doors/Windows are secured & locked ( No cracks/missing panes/broken locks )

  • All lights ( Included passageway/spotlight ) are working properly

  • All chemicals/diesel/Industrial use are kept in locked storage

  • Facility/Warehouse is free of Safety Concerns ( e.g Electrical outlets are covered, no dangling cords, no tripping hazards, Workers toolset/belongings stored, etc )

  • Facility/Warehouse appearance, inside & outside is clean & well maintained ( e.g; Trash cans emptied, floors mopped & swapped )

  • The passageway which lead to the exits are illuminated & unobstructed

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