• Notices and signs are visible and legible?

  • Fire Doors are clearly marked and kept closed?

  • Extinguishers serviced annually, visible and accessible?

  • Access and egress is clear of obstruction and are accessible?

  • Any other comments?

First Aid

  • First Aiders are identifiable?

  • Number of First Aiders is sufficient for the workplace?

  • First Aid boxes are stocked and easily accessible?

  • Any other comments?


  • Lights (inc LVP) are in working order?

  • Light switches are easily accessible?

  • Lighting is both suitable and sufficient for tasks?

  • Any other comments?


  • Workplace clean and orderly?

  • Is waste material cleared to prevent an accumulation?

  • Any other comment?


  • Is electrical equipment chosen suitable for its working environment?

  • Is electrical equipment safe and then maintained in
    a safe condition?

  • Any other comment?


  • Hi-Viz vest being worn and in good condition?

  • Safety footwear being worn and in good condition? – Access only

  • Ear defenders/plugs available? – Access only

  • Bag search gloves being worn and in good condition?

  • Ant other comment?

Floor and traffic routes

  • Designated walk routes?

  • Are walkways clearly lit?

  • All spillages dealt with promptly?

  • Is the area free from holes, broken ground and uneven surfaces?

  • Is the area free from slippery surfaces?

  • Is the area free from obstructions on designated routes?

  • Any other comments?

Work equipment

  • Lead curtains and Perspex tunnel in place?

  • Emergency stop button in accessible position if required?

  • Equipment being used by a competent person?

  • Notice of Radiation Protection Supervisor (RPS)

  • Any other comments?

Drinking water

  • Fresh and clean water is available?

  • Water dispenser is in a clean state?

  • Any other comment?

Sanitary and Conveniences

  • Area is ventilated effectively?

  • Toilet cubicles and urinals are clean and in an orderly condition?

  • Any other comments?

Facilities for eating/resting

  • Area is in a clean and orderly condition?

  • Microwave is in a clean condition?

  • Fridge is clean and in an orderly condition?

  • Area is ventilated effectively?

  • Hot and cold water are available?

  • Soap is available?

  • Towels or hand driers are available?

  • Any other comments?


  • Are post orders up to date and inclusive of current:
    Health and Safety information and instruction
    Risk Assessments.

  • Safety data sheet is available and easily accessible and latest issue?

  • Machinery test certificate and maintenance records are current and correct?

  • Any other comment?

Any other issues or observations

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