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Working conditions health and safety

  • Working conditions presenting imminent threat of injury to workers

  • Machines do not have safety guards

  • Electrical control panels not labeled or blocked or exposed. Exposed wiring

  • No record of equipment inspections, equipment not registered, equipment registration is expired, or equipment does not meet legal requirements.

  • Legally mandated health physicals and/or heatth certificates are not provided

  • Equipment or supplies are not stored properly / method of storage violates local law.


  • Some or all of the emergency exits are locked, all emergency exits are blocked, emergency exit doors open inward, or all aisles are blocked preventing evacuation.

  • Inadequate number of emergency exits

  • No emergency lighting

  • Some emergency exits or aisles are blocked.

  • Emergency exits unmarked or not visible up to 100 ft

  • No/Improper emergency lines

  • No evacuation plot plan

First aid

  • No first aid kits maintained at the facility

  • Inadequate number of first aid kits or missing first aid supplies

Fire control

  • No fire extinguishers within the facility.

  • No fire alarm or inoperable alarm

  • Fire extinguisher issues (inadequate #, unmarked, improperly mounted, expired inspection, or other issue)

  • Mandated fire drills not conducted or documented; No Fire Safety Permit/Certificate

Facility safety

  • Dormitories located within production facility

  • Inadequate/ poor ventilation or heat insulation

  • Inadequate emergency lighting or standard lighting in factory/dormitory

  • Lack of hand rails or protective guards on production floor

  • Inadequate number of restrooms

  • Restrooms are not stocked with running water, and supplies

  • Unsanitary conditions in restrooms

  • Restrooms are not separated by gender

  • Restrooms have no privacy in toilets/showers

  • No hygiene certificate for canteen


  • No safety training provided to employees

  • Inadequate safety training, lack of documentation, personnel without required license or with an expired license


  • Required personal protective equipment (PPE) is not provided to the employees

  • Personal protective equipment provided to employees but not utilized

Chemical safety

  • Chemicals stored exposed to the elements

  • Chemical containers stored without proper labels or MSDS

  • Chemicals not stored in a separate, well-ventilated room.

  • No secondary containment.

  • No eye wash or emergency shower in hazardous chemical area


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