• Document No.

  • Dairy ID

  • Dairy name

  • Dairy contact name

  • Conducted on

  • Location
  • Is this a current dairy that supplies milk to Parmalat?

  • Did Parmalat transport department visit the dairy?


  • Is the access road to the farm clear of obstructions to driver view e.g trees/bush?

  • Is the farm road in reasonable condition to allow for tankers to travel along them without sliding or being damaged by low trees, bush or hedges?

Turning Space

  • Is the turning space clear of obstructions which may cause damage to trucks, tankers and their tyres e.g poles,metal stays,posts?

  • Is the turning space sufficiently wide to allow a semi or tri axle to turn to the loading point i.e single turn to align to loading point?

Access to the milk room and tanks

  • Is the storage tank placed where it is easily accessible and free from hazards e.g implements, broken doors, animal pens, slippery surface i.e mud, clay, ....?

  • Is the milk room lockable by means of an outer and/or inner door - the outer door locked with a Parmalat supplied lock?


  • Are the tanks marked with the prescribed bar-code and clearly identifiable? This number is displayed in a manner in which it will not easily be removed in the cleaning process.

  • Are tank manhole covers secured or provided with a chain or provided with a chain to prevent them from self closing while sampling i.e mechanism other than wood or bricks to secure the lid when open?

  • Do the structures provide adequate access to the tank for sampling i.e the sampler must not stretch beyond normal reach to take the sample?

  • Are access structures stable to prevent slipping or falling over like doors and stairs?

Electrical Installation

  • Are electrical switches used by drivers secured to walls or structures?

  • Are the switches in a sound condition i.e not damaged or wires exposed?

  • Are there any loose and bare wires in close proximity to the loading point i.e on the tank pump, on the wiring circuit in the milk room?

Machine Guarding

  • Are all parts of pumps and compressors guarded to prevent accidental contact with moving parts i.e pulleys, belts, fans?


  • Is adequate lightning provided internally and externally to facilitate and extremely to facilitate the sampling and loading process?

  • Are there any damaged light fitting directly above the milk holding tank?

Safety Signs

  • Are safety signs displayed where applicable?

  • Are the signs in a good condition and visible?

  • Are general instructions signs displayed including loading instructions?


  • Are chemicals correctly marked and stored in demarcated area?

  • Are all chemicals identifiable in the storage? If NO note the purpose of these chemicals e.g pesticides, animal medication, fuel, ....


  • Are the floors in a sound construction and condition i.e free of breaks, cracks, erosion due to spillage of milk?

  • Are the walls free of damage and in a sound condition which allow effective cleaning and sanitising?

  • Is there hot/cold running water and a basin which is connected to a disposal system outside the milk room available for hand washing?

Checklist discussed

  • Were checklist discussed with the producer / dairy representative?

  • Signature of producer / dairy representative

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