Site Documentation/Site Folders

  • Sign in completed?

  • Site Inductions completed ?

  • JSSP Completed?

  • Method Statements available and signed by all?

  • TMP Available?

  • All relevant permits completed?

  • All weekly inspections completed?

  • Recent TBT Completed?

  • Training records available on site?

  • Plant/CAT&Genny Certs available?

  • Certs for all lifting equipment available?

  • All lifting Equipment Colour Coded?

  • Emergency Plan & Contact numbers available?

  • AF2 Displayed

Site Presentation & Welfare

  • Public Safety?

  • Signage?

  • Compound/Site/Housekeeping?

  • Washing/Toilet Conditions?

  • Canteen Conditions?

  • Drying Room Conditions?

  • Drinking Water Available?

  • First Aid Facilities/Supplies?

  • Task Lighting?

Traffic Management?

  • TMP arrangements erected reflect TMP?

  • Adequate Signage/Signage in good condition?

  • SLG Operative on site at all times?

  • Safety Zone clear of plant and Matierals?

  • Dedicated Access & Egress Point?

  • SLG checklist completed?

  • SLG amended and changes recorded?


  • Service Drawings available & signed by LUGS operative?

  • All known services marked?

  • Permit to dig in place and signed?

  • LUGS Operative needed?

  • AF3 Completed & signed by Engineer?

  • Sides stepped/sloped/propped?

  • Soil 1m from the edge of all excavations?

  • Access & Egress adequate and unobstructed?

  • Banksman onsite and working with excavator at all times?


  • Hard Hat worn?

  • Eye Protection and adequate?

  • Hi-Vis worn by all?

  • Safety boots worn and appropriate?

  • Ear defenders worn where needed?

  • Chin Straps worn?

  • Safety Goggles worn where needed?

  • Other PPE used as required?


  • Condition/Length/Angle?

  • Tied off correctly?

  • Regular inspections completed?

Plant/Lifting Equiptment

  • Plant certified and in date?

  • Slings/Shackles- General Condition?

  • Safe Working Load marked?

  • Plant checks completed?

  • All vehicles/lorises on site carrying and completing walk around inspections?

  • Hot Box carrying Fire Extinguisher?

  • Drives - Due care and consideration?

  • Colour coding in use?

  • Seatbelt a being worn?

Power Tools

  • Power tools general condition?

  • Power tools- Guards/Deadman Switch?

  • Leads General condition?

  • All tools 110v or less?

Hazardous Substances

  • Substances identified

  • Storage adequate?

  • Correct PPE in use?

  • Data sheets available?

  • Chemicals/Fuel stores on bundled area?

  • Generators placed within drip tray?

Fire and Emergency Procedures

  • Flammable Matierals storage?

  • Cylinders upright & Secure?

  • Welding Screens/Blankets/ Extinguishers?

  • Adequate Fire extinguishers onsite?

Emergency Details

  • Emergency numbers posted?

  • First Aider on site?


  • Weekly inspection completed?

  • Design available if outside standard configuration?

  • Scaffold boards/planks in good order

  • Any other issues?

Underground/Overhead Servicea

  • All OH/UG services identified?

  • Continuous scanning carried out?

  • CAT/Genny Certs available & in date?

  • Machines height restrictors for OH lines?

  • Goalposts/Signage/bunting checked?

  • Warning signage for overhead services?

  • Codes of Practice available?

Other issues highlighted?

  • Other items highlighted?

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