Scope of work

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Visual Outside

  • Fences and boundaries are in place and secure

  • Nature strip is clear

  • Building Permit and contact details are visible from outside

  • Warning signs are in place to indicate construction zone

  • Access is clear for Emergency Vehicles

  • No Smoking is observed on site

  • Walkways are clear


  • Temp power is available

  • Temp Power is marked correctly (isolation switch)

  • Leads are protected from the door

  • 1 meter x 1 meter clearance in front of box

  • Orange boxes are currently tested and tagged

  • Double adapters are absent from site

  • Is electrical equipment on site and how many

  • How many items have current test dates

  • Are tiger tails in place if required

  • Has power been isolated if required


  • Has gas been isolated

  • Are toilet facilities provided

  • Is fresh drinking water available

  • Is there a bin on site

  • Does it have room for additional waste

  • Has the bin got asset protection underneath it

Trades Compliance

  • Do trades have a signed adequate site specific SWMS for high risk works being preformed at time of audit

  • Are trades wearing the correct PPE for the task being preformed

Working at height

  • Are ladders secure at the top and bottom

  • Ladders exceed 900 mm past landing platform

  • Fiberglass ladders are being used near electrical supply

  • No hot works are being preformed on a ladder

  • Fall protection is adequate on edges

  • Are two access point required and in place

  • 3 and 4 foot ladders are being used as a last resort ,
    They are not being straddled
    No standing on the top rung
    3 Limbs of contact at all times
    Ladder works are included in SWMS

  • Is there scaffold on site

  • Are the toe boards in place

  • Does it require a scaftag

  • Is it tied to the building correctly


  • Included in SWMS

  • Correct operator in attendance

  • Signage is in place

  • Exclusion zone is in place

  • Johns Lyng procedures have been followed

  • Clearance certificate has been obtained

Plant and Equipment

  • Daily check lists have been filled in

  • PPE is being worn if required

  • Flashing lights are working

  • Warning beepers are working

  • Safety information has been provided

  • Full service records are available

Hazardous substances

  • MSDS have an current Australian Phone number

  • MSDS are current and within 5 years old

  • All containers are sufficient and labeled correctly

Traffic Management

  • Tasks being preformed are correct and including signage and PPE

  • Traffic management plans ,permits are in place if required

  • Traffic Management personal have correct qualifications


  • Are all environment issues compliant

This months target

  • Has a new management system been completed


  • Observations -

Corrective Actions

  • Enter any corrective actions that will be undertaken

Sign Off

  • Auditor's signature

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