Access Details

Keys/Swipe cards/token provided & practiced

Alarm codes provided & practiced

Consumable dispensers keys provided & practiced

Fire Exits/Equipment/Site Evacuation Plan identified with cleaner

Light switches & air-conditioning Identified

Trainer stayed with cleaner until Alarms set doors & windows locked

Trainer Name:

General Cleaning

Emptying Waste Paper Bins and Ashtrays



Dry Mopping

Wet Mopping

Spot Mopping

Spot Cleaning

Toilet Cleaning and Basin Cleaning

Stair Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Care of Cleaners Room

Care of Cleaning Equipment

Site Details

Site summary provided & explored on site.

Specifications provided & explored on site.

Communications diary - Show the cleaner the location of the diary & write an introduction note to client.

Stock / Stock Order Form - Discuss with the cleaner how and when to order for site. (Does Cleanworks provide these or does the client?)

QA Inspection Report - Complete a QA with the cleaner before starting. Discuss the goal for the QA's on site and the date of your next visit QA.


Emptying Rubbish (Leave a note to client if unsure about rubbish)


Dry Mopping

Wet Mopping



Kitchen and Tea Room Cleaning

Toilet and Basin Cleaning

Shower Cleaning

Stair Cleaning

Glass Cleaning

Dust Mopping

Floor Scrubbing Machine

Spray Buffing Machine

Carpet Spotting

Removing Graffiti

Chemical Handling

PPE - Show the cleaner required PPE for chemical handling - Gloves, Eyewear and Masks. Discuss long sleeves and pants where required.

Chemical Application - Discuss the chemical application and dilution rates of each chemical on site.

Chemical Labelling - Ensure the cleaner understands that all chemical bottles must have a label and contain the correct chemical.

Safety - Read & Ensure the cleaner knows the location of the Safety Data Sheets SDS (should be on wall)

Site Compliance

Cleaning Room - Discuss how to keep the cleaning room tidy and hygienic

Equipment - Discuss how to set up and maintain equipment

Vacuum and Vacuum Cord - Show the cleaner how to wear/empty the vacuum and how to roll the vacuum cord correctly.

Vacuum Serial Number - Record current vacuum on site.

Vacuum Test & Tag Date - check vacuum in currently in compliance.

Personal Protective Equipment - Does the cleaner have gloves, eyewear and masks available onsite?

Wet Cleaning Signs - Show cleaner how and where to erect this/these signs.

Team Member Presentation

Comprehension - Does the cleaner comprehend instructions?

Attitude - Does the cleaner have a good attitude?

Uniform - Is the cleaner wearing a clean & presentable Cleanworks shirt, black shorts/pants and closed in shoes?

Personal presentation/Hygiene - Is the cleaner well presented?

Personal equipment & Car Storage - If cleaner is storing equipment in their car is this neat and tidy and do they have current SDS on their car?

On the job skills

Carpet Spotting

Vacuum Cleaning

Dust Mopping



Spray Buffing

Floor Scrubbing

Wall Washing

Curtain Cleaning

Venetian Blind Cleaning

Shower Rooms

Kitchen / Tea Rooms

Removing Graffiti

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.